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Bad Chat up lines

How often do you spend hours of your day in the office clicking through countless youtube videos, cute dogs, funny falls, an old grannies reaction to 2 girls 1 cup(pretty hilarious). Well today scrolling through youtube videos, a pretty funny one popped up. A guy with super cheesey lines approaching girls, some are actually hilarious.

Heres a link to the video

Pretty bad right!

So this got us thinking do guys ACTUALLY use these lines? I mean we’re probably all guilty for spouting the occasional bit of cheese but we want to know to what extent do people take the cringe factor. Running weekly parties in for 6 years we’ve seen our fair share of fails from guys approaching some more epic than others. However not being partial to the conversations and having watched from a distance we thought it would fun for you to tweet us some of the worst lines you have ever heard in a club, whether its you a friend or even if you just over heard it.

For bringing a few chuckles to our office on this dreary Thursday we will choose 2 ladies and their friends to win a VIP table package at our party at Embassy on Friday with 1xtras Sarah-Jane Crawford live on the decks and on Saturday at our much talked about ‘Twisted Circus’ night at Avalon Soho.

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