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Rita ora looks gorgeous in no make up picture

Bare Faced And Sexy: Celebrities Without Makeup

For the most part, we’re used to seeing Celebrities looking picture perfect –  with every inch of their makeup pristine and polished looking. Of course it’s hardly surprising when they can’t go a day without being photographed to death. But they’ve set the trend and makeup is now more of a “must” than a “can”.

Whilst most of us, would never dream of leaving the house without a full face of makeup on (yes, even if we are just popping to the corner shop for a pint of milk), others (though I dare say the minority) wear their makeup free faces loudly and proudly.

So in the name of encouraging natural beauty, here are some makeup free celebrities who’ve decided to give their skin a chance to breathe and let their natural beauty shine… and are incidentally, doing a fairly fabulous job of it!

Demi Lovato:
Demi lovato looks great without make up

American Pop singer Demi Lovato looks amazing without makeup! Her skin looks flawless (not a pimple or mark in sight), her eyes look fresh and healthy and we’re sure that her bouncy looking brunette curls adds to her entire look of natural beauty.

Holly Willoughby:
Holly Willoughby without make - up selfie

As if we weren’t already jealous enough of her amazing set of colossal breasts, This Morning’s TV presenter Holly Willoughby proves that not only is she a beauty, but a natural one too. Not known for wearing a lot of heavy makeup, so it’s no surprise that she looks utterly flawless without it.

Yes, she might be covering up part of her face with her hair, (we don’t know if that’s deliberate or if it’s to hide some cheeky little zits), but she still looks like the same Holly many of us wake up to watch on weekday mornings – it’s a good look Holly!

Kim Kardashian:
Kim kardashian wearing no make - up

Kim is well-known for pilling on the makeup at any given event or opportunity, in fact she even used to post regular make-up tutorials on YouTube for her fans.

But having seen this picture of our bare faced beauty, I’m not too sure why she usually wears so much makeup. Her skin looks radiant and glowing (probably something to do with the obscene amounts of money she spend on facials), her smile is picture perfect and her teeth are positively glowing. We can’t really fault a natural looking Kim here.

 Kelly Brooke:
kelly brook looks good without make up on

Being a model and a TV presenter like Kelly Brook can mean you spend a lot of time in hair and makeup. That being said, we don’t think she needs makeup. Lucky Kelly has one of those pretty faces which don’t seem to look much different with or without makeup.

Jealous much? No. (Ahem)

Michelle Keegan:
Michelle Keegan looking gorgeous with no make - up on Selfie

Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan often gets the hearts of young men (and older men), beating fast with her good looks and huge sex appeal.

In this makeup free selfie which she took for Cancer awareness, females across the UK were full of anger to see the star looking equally as good without makeup as she does with it. Michelle does look like she’s screw facing in this picture a little bit – but, she’s still naturally beautiful – damm it!

Rita Ora:
Rita ora looks gorgeous in no make up picture

Can you believe this is Rita Ora? I’m not quite used to seeing her without her signature red lipstick on! I think she looks young, fresh faced and beautiful in this picture. Like many of the other celebrities in this story, she has clear and fresh looking skin with minimal dark circles under her eyes.

Though I do love the normal looking Rita with the red lips and the other colourful make up, it’s nice to see her looking naturally pretty for once.

Beyonce looks flawless without make up

She’s the Queen of Style, Fashion and Music and now we even think she’s the Queen of natural beauty! Pictured here on holiday, Beyonce still looks every inch the super star makeup free. Her complexion is glowing and her skin looks well moisturized and looked after. We wouldn’t expect anything less from you Beyonce!

Rochelle Humes:
Rochelle Humes looks beautiful without make up

The Saturday’s star Rochelle Humes youthful natural looks are definitely something to envy. She’s got a picture perfect smile, golden and healthy looking skin and well maintained eyebrows. She’s also a mum to a one-year –old girl but obviously the late night mummy duties haven’t affected her natural beauty in the slightest. Go Rochelle!

Rihanna rocking the no make up look

Known for her bold and wacky makeup you may be surprised to see that  Rih-Rih without makeup is still hot hot hot.

Sticking to her gold accessories and wearing her hair in a messy bun, this photo shows Rihanna’s bare beautiful face in all of its glory! She’s still recognizable as the famous pop star that she is and we think that’s a true testament to her natural, distinctive beauty. What do you think?

Nicole Scherzinger:
Nicole scherzinger wearing no make up in bath towel

Apart from the slightly strange and un-glamorous ‘up do’ which Nicole is sporting here (bath towel as a headband? Really Nicole?) Ms Scherzinger is still looking like her usual fabulous if ever so slightly less breathtaking self.

Bearing in mind that Nicole is 35, we think she has the natural beauty and looks of someone much younger. Nicole has the youthful looks factor we think! And that’s one thing money can’t buy, well, kind of.



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