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The Best BRIT Awards Blunders

The Brits are gracing our screens once again this evening when Britain watches with baited breath in the hope of witnessing a celebrity fail.  A wardrobe malfunction, a drunken insult, a sober insult, a catastrophic fall…anything that involves watching someone famous making a total arse of themselves.  We are a loving nation.  What follows is a look back at some fond memories of past celebs being twats live on our tv screens.

1.  Robbie vs Liam

2001 saw Robbie Williams win the award for Best British Male, however he used his acceptance speech to challenge Liam Gallagher to a fight in order to settle their ongoing public feud once and for all.  Ceremony organisers ushered him offstage as this was obviously not the heartfelt speech that they were hoping for like Adele’s, oh wait….

2. Adele’s finger flicking

In 2012 Adele won Best Album for ’21’, sadly her emotional outpouring was cut off by James Corden on orders from the show’s producers to make way for a performance by Blur who had won Outstanding Contribution.  Adele flicked her middle finger at the organisers, most probably because they had not cut off Blur’s outstandingly long acceptance speech earlier in the night.

3.  Chumbawumba soak John Prescottchumbawumba john prescott brit awards

Anyone remember Tubthumping?  Anyone even know the song was called Tubthumping?  You know, ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down…’  Well those guys were invited to the Brits in 1998, probably as a theme tune for the event, singing about all their fellow musicians ‘pissing the night away’; and how we love them to piss the night away and make tits of themselves, no-one really watches the Brits for the awards right?  Anyway, I digress, Danbert Nobacon chucked a bucket of icy water over John Prescott, apparently he deserved it if he had “the nerve to turn up at events like the BRIT Awards in a vain attempt to make Labour seem cool and trendy”.  Well he was definitely cool.  Sorry, couldn’t help it.

4.  Brandon Block accepting an imaginary award

He definitely paid attention to the theme tune… He drank a whisky drink, he drank a vodka drink, he drank a lager drink, he drank a cider drink, he went onto stage and pissed off Ronnie Wood.  An inebriated Block appeared on stage as he’d been convinced by his friends that he’d won Best Soundtrack.  Ronnie Wood who was presenting the award got a little narky, and called him a c*nt.  How charming.  The actual winner was Notting Hill, however at this point it hadn’t even been announced…

5.  Joss Stone changes nationalities

Poor Joss, she will never be allowed to forget this.  Much like The Game (muhahaha).  The Devon born singer cracked out a random Yankee accent during the 2007 Brit Awards, sparking a torrent of criticism and ridicule.

7.  Machine guns.

Yes machine guns.  KLF performed with band Extreme Noise Terror in 1992 and finished it off with firing a machine gun at the audience.  How come I have never heard of the infamous 1992 Brit Awards Homicide, you may wonder.  It’s because you didn’t listen at school!  No, it was because they fired blanks; I hope this wasn’t a disappointing end to bullet point 7.

8.  Cocker is a nobber

Jarvis Cocker stormed onstage during MJ’s ten minute long performance of Earth Song in 1996.  Leading Pulp man Cocker ran around flashing his nipples and bum while performers created scenes worthy of Les Miserables around him. If like Jarvis you can’t be bothered to watch the whole thing, he appears at 5 minutes.

9.  Failed and Exposed PR Stunt: Priceless.  For everything including this, there’s Mastercard.

pr disaster brit awards failure reporter

Oh yes, this year’s Brits haven’t even started and already there’s gossip.  It has been revealed that the PR company that representing Mastercard have asked journalists to advertise them through social media in return for tickets to the ceremony.  They were even told what exactly to tweet; Tim Walker exposed them…on Twitter…  Yes that definitely reduced the publicity.

So here’s hoping that a beautiful concoction of live tv, free alcohol and attention seeking personalities will bring us some more wonderful moments tonight.



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