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The best places to pull in a club

Lets not kid ourselves it’s a pretty fair statement to say that most of us go out to pull. For the few of you that don’t then the thought is certainly there in the back of your mind.

So when it comes to finding that special person whether that is for the one night or forever a club provides ample opportunity and even areas to ‘get lucky’.

It’s usually guys that are the protagonists in venturing out for love and making first contact. This being said where you make your move is reflects a lot on the type of guy are and your motives!


The Queue


It’s the beginning of the night all the hotties are lined up outside, quite literally. It’s certainly not the place where you will pull. I’d very much advise against it, asking for a number or hinting at go home now will just make her think you’re a thirsty guy.

We know you are, just try to not let her know how thirsty you are!


At the bar


As shocking as it may sound to all of you guys moaning about table whores and gold diggers some women actually DO buy our own drinks! Being one of these women I’m pretty tired of slimy men out there with terrible chat up lines and a penchant for being grabby.

Guys please note: loud music is not an excuse to invade my bubble of personal space!

Single women will be happy enough to have a chat with you, provided you’re either attractive or interesting. Unfortunately guys with both qualities tend to be hard to find.


On the dance floor


It’s hard to hold a conversation with someone on the dance floor, although plenty of you still try! Again I put this down to you guys finding any reason to breach our invisible bubble of space.

You won’t get too starting up a conversation with us here. We’re on the dance floor a reason. You will have to go through the rigorous task of evading our friends and simultaneously impressing with your two-step. I’d recommend leaving your dance school routines at home.

If you manage to successfully evade our ‘cock-blocking’ friends or at least not spark the creep alarm in their heads whilst impressing us with you may be in with a chance. Please just don’t expect us to instantly begin twerking on you crutch.                                               


The VIP Table

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You and the guys have paid for that table in VIP, there are sparklers on the bottles of Grey Goose and Don Perignon, you notice one or two girls instantly gravitate toward your table. “We’re in” you think to yourself! I’m afraid your wrong!

If you don’t play it right you will succumb to the seasoned table whores that will disappear the moment the waitress turns the empty bottles upside down into the ice bucket. All of this attention from other women won’t go unnoticed; a legion of women around will make us think you are actually more desirable than you actually are.

However when casting your eye beyond the table, be sure to remember that having seen you dancing with no moral Mandy we will be on our best behavior! The most you will leave with is a phone number.

The smoking area

london club bars smoking area lonely tracy morgan

A nice little conversation starter is, “do you have a lighter?” It’s an oh-so-obvious move to pull but it’s probably a legit question… seriously do you have a lighter ‘cos someone borrowed mine? The smoking area provides the occasion for what I like to call Smirting, Smoking and Flirting.

Provided you are not a Channing Tatum lookalike the key to Smirting is being able to hold a conversation. Throw in a bit of banter and you may well be with a chance to truly work your magic.

*If you find us leaning over our friend with a bottle of water and a tissues…we will release an oestrogen-fuelled rage on you!

Outside the toilets


Go away you creep!



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