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Beyoncé new hair Cut, what do you think

Who would have thought it Beyoncé would have gone all short on us. 

beyonce, hair cut
So we are going to do a NAYY OR YAYY on these celebrities who have done both short and long hair.

Hair chameleon Rihanna changes her hair more times than I can count. I prefer Rihanna short hair style. 


rihanna, long hair  ?NAYY

Emma Watson , the harry potter star looks all grown up with her short hair but I do prefer her with long hair. 

emma, watson short hair NAYY

emma watson, long hair YAYY

Victoria beckham. Long hair ages victoria, short hair makes her look more sophisticated.

Victoria beckham, short hair YAYY 

Halle berry . The bond star is famous for her short pixie hair styles but her pretty face means she can pull it off. 

halle berry, short hair YAYY

Miley cyrus ,  I’m not a fan of miley with short hair , I see the look she was going for but it sort of works out for me. 

Miley, cyrus, short hair YAYY

Amber rose. She is beautiful with both styles but im used to her trade mark low cut style

amber rose hair cut YAYY

Jessy j the black bob is too much for jessy face. The shorter style suits her a lot more.

Jessie J, hair YAYY

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