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Brat Bieiber

Justin Bieber is probably one of the most recognized young faces on the planet right now, with a huge following around the world. “Beliebers” are his beloved fans that show him great support in every way. But does he show them the same love? Recently, in one of his concerts at the 02 in London, Bieber was 2 hours late on stage and left fans not only shocked and disgusted, but leaving early asleep in their Mothers arms to catch the last train home.

Staff in the venue described Biebers antics as unbelievable. He was arguing with managers, family and left staff in a very uncomfortable atmosphere. “His attitude was, I’m the star, I do what I want”. Other workers asked why would Bieber feel it is ok to leave 20,000 fans waiting for 2 hours.

A 15 year old fan who won a competition to meet Bieber before the show claims that she spent less than 10 seconds with the star and was told he doesn’t have enough time when she asked for a hug. Her Father goes on to say that he was disgusted with the way Bieber treated his daughter and acted like a brat.

Close sources say that Biebers reason for being late was because he had got up late and spent hours playing video games. He also claimed that he was 40 minutes late instead of 2 hours, after apologizing to fans due to a “technical issue”.

After the concert, which had finished at 11.35pm earned Bieber a £50,000 fine due to the O2’s 11pm curfew he partied in DSTRKT along with other celebrities Rhiana, Will Smith and Little Mix.



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