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Can The Entourage Movie Just Come Out Already

Next year, the loveable douchebags from Entourage will be starring in their own film. Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle and Ari will be living an on screen life in the Entourage movie that will have you wishing you’d spent more time learning how to act or just wishing you had infinitely more natural talent in the field. Yes, June, 12th, 2015 will be a jealous day for us all.

Ok, so the show may have gotten a little stale towards the end. Some critics said it was a bit ‘samey’, I suppose there’s only so much of a ludicrously extravagant lifestyle that some people can take.


Kate Upton is rumoured to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie.

If you’ve never seen it, Entourage follows the exploits of New Yorker Vincent Chase and his gang of buddies, or ‘entourage’ if you will. The show follows the themes of love, celebrity and dudes just hanging out being dudes and doing what dudes do. Following on six months after Series Eight, the feature film will undoubtedly contain much of the same from creator Doug Ellin in his attempt to continue this rough sketch of Mark Wahlberg’s early Hollywood career.

Indeed, the show is based, albeit it very loosely, on the early days of executive producer Wahlberg’s time in Hollywood. So Chase is a satirical version of Wahlberg; best friend, Eric, is Wahlberg’s manager and ‘Drama’ is based on Johnny Alves whom elder brother, Donnie Wahlberg, had hired to keep young Mark out of trouble. What a nice guy old Donnie is?


This is all great news but there is one significant pitfall to the Entourage film; it’s over a year away. If you’re really desperate to piece together the film in your head and use that imagination of yours, several pages of the script were leaked online back in February. This means you’ve got a lego kit of pictures to assemble in any way so you so desire. Enjoy, kids!



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