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Can you find love in a club?

Can you find love in a club?

Loud music, alcohol and a bunch of people looking to hook up; surely not the best cocktail for a lasting relationship! Let’s face it the majority of people going to a club are either looking for a quick fix or nothing at all so finding your soul-mate there may be a bit tricky. But fear not, for those looking for something more meaningful than a quick snog or one night stand, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Don’t let the alcohol take over

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Alcohol a great social lubricant when meeting people, it allows us to relax and let go of some of those restrictive inhibitions. However if you’ve had one too many drinks you lack of inhibitions may cause you to run riot; leading to a whole lot of dirty dancing and corner kissing. Assuming that alcohol really does lower a person’s standards (and I have seen this first hand), the person you choose may not be that you want the next day- Coyote Ugly anyone! This brings me on to my next tip..

Leave the hooking up for later!

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Hooking up at a club with someone you want to date is never a good idea, sure it may mean good chemistry, but where do you go from there? Once you’ve swapped saliva with someone getting to know them seems somewhat pointless or at least backwards! When you meet someone in a club, it is primarily down to attraction; personality likes and dislikes rarely come in to it. So if you already know that the attraction is there, there’s no need to test it further; at least not straight away! Save the lovin’ for a later date and you may just make something from your club romance.

Take them out for a chat

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Although it is likely that you won’t have much ‘getting to know each other time’ at a club, taking them out to a smoking or outside area so you can actually hear each other can be a good idea. You’ll be away from the dance floor and able to just talk without worrying about dancing or using hand gestures to communicate. All clubs have outdoor areas to suit their smokers, so why not take advantage – find a corner somewhere and see if you really do click! Then again if it’s too cold outside (and that is most certainly a possibility) you can always take them to the quietest place in sight and give them a cheeky whisper.

Don’t leave it too long!

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With all the politics involved in the dating game (should you text first? Should you wait?) People often get stuck in the trap of leaving it too long. At a club you don’t have too much time with each other, so apart from your face there is nothing much keeping you in the head of that person. If it is someone you think you could fancy than just stop the games and drop them a text; maybe not as soon as you get out (trust me that does happen) but a few days later is ok.

Dress to impress!

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Finally as we all know clubs are about appearance and that goes for potential lovers as well. What makes you approach someone in a club is first and foremost their appearance; so if you’re going to the club looking for love makes sure your looking your best. Also looking good boosts your confidence, so going out dressed in your best getup can give you the boost you need to talk to that sexy stranger!

It may be hard but follow these tips and you may be in with a chance of finding love in the club!



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