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Can you find love in the club

Can you find love in the club

This may be different for men and women but how easy is it to find your future Mr/Mrs if you meet them in a nightclub. Do you judge a person based on what they wearing, if they are dancing or if they are completely drunk?

So you go to a club in your best clothes looking to impress. Girls are wearing short dresses legs and/or boobs out makeup and hair done…Guys are looking smart blazers shoes (sunglasses?) Someone grabs your attention the guys usually come up to the girl; you talk, you dance, you flirt you drink then what?
Is it possible to take someone seriously that you meet in such a casual way. If a guy takes a girl home the first night can he still make her his girlfriend? do girls assume all guys they meet in a club is after one thing.

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Nightclubs are meant to be a place to meet people and socialise but a lot of my male friends wouldn’t consider a girl they meet there as potential ‘wife’ material, why I don’t know. A bit of fun yes, Serious relationship, No.

Speaking to guys about this they categorize girls they meet in clubs (wrong but yes they do it)

1) The drunk girls (girls who spend all night by the bar drinking then dancing crazy, falling about vomiting etc.)
Now these girls apparently seem like too much hard work and they would be scared to take responsibility for them as they leave them self venerable (blar blar) and just seem like easy packing’s.
Verdict: one night only

2) The teasers girls: girls who wear the shortest dresses, the most make up, dancing to give a show, they flirt, you go to talk to her and she shuts them down
Verdict: too much hard work.

3) The army: She with her friends you start trying to talk to her then her friend (usually referred to a the ugly friend) comes in and drags her away or persuades her not to continue talking to the guy.
Verdict: if the friend can interfere now they will interfere later in the relationship.

4) The easy one: this one is self explanatory but hear it goes.. Girls who are too easy. There is no chase they offer them selves on a plate which means they will be easy to other guys.
Verdict : One night stand

5) The hot girl: the hot girl that every guys is after.
Or has spoken about that night.
Verdict: one night.. just to prove a point wouldn’t have as long term as they wouldn’t like the fact that so many guys would be after her.

6) The shy one : AKA the bag holder.. The quite girl that doesn’t dance and doesn’t drink a lot. Stands in the corner and tires not to get noticed.
Verdict: she has the best chance are being taken ‘seriously’ but probably wont get noticed.

Yes I have very sexist friends.. but do all guys think like this. As a girl I don’t think I fit into these categories but maybe I do? Do guys assess me to see what type of girl every time I step into a club?
On the other hand maybe I don’t want to meet the guy of my dreams in a nightclub. If he regularly goes to clubs it means that he will see a lot of temptation which means he could be more likely to cheat (that makes sense in my girl brain)

If this really is the case where do we go to find love?

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