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Can you really Wife a club chick?

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At some point or another, we’ve all wondered where all the hot men are.

Well I’ve done my research and they’re in Rise, Shaka Zulu, MiaBella, pretty much every other club in and around London. That being said, everyone knows that a club is a place to get laid, to get attention and for some trying to get free drinks. It’s not however, so well-known for finding potential boyfriends there.

As a serial clubber I’ve met a range of personalities in clubs, which have become great friends of mine and a minority of people who I could have lived without meeting. But that happens everywhere, not just clubs. So why not meet a boyfriend there too?

Let’s be honest, men don’t get dressed up, have 5 shots and then talk about how much they want to meet their future wife at the club. And in return, when in a club, we rarely give off much of a ‘wifey’ impression (unless what most men look for in a future girlfriend is the ability to drink shots and dance on the sofa until security drags us down).

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But is it hopeless? Meeting someone in a club is hard but it happens. After all, put enough beautiful people together in a room and something’s bound to go off.

Nightclubs attract all sorts of people; people on holiday, students, working people, people celebrating birthdays and on the downside it also attracts negative people; the alcoholics, the ones with emotional baggage, gold diggers  (male & female) and attention seekers. Looking for love is hard and in a club even more so. But don’t just take my word for it, read on:

1. It’s dark– and you can’t really tell if that hot girl is really hot or if that is layers of concealer on her face

2. It’s loud so you can’t really have a conversation that goes beyond telling your name, where you are from and what you do. Sometimes, I feel like a tape recorder on repeat, as those are the three questions I get constantly and I am sure you’ll probably agree reading this.

3. You’re drunk and you are no longer capable of deciding what’s hot and what’s not.

 Dating, Club, Clubbing, Partner, Meet, Love, Lust, Women, Men, Dating,

Though, believe it or not, not ever girl goes out looking to pull a hot man with a bulging wallet. Some girls just go out to let off some steam after a long week; they’ve finished work and now they want nothing more than to take their heels for a few laps around the dance floor. 

If you meet a girl from that category then you know she won’t be a gold digger because she works (I mean a professional job not the people who think they are real models because they upload edited selfies  and photos on their social network sites). Plus if she/he works or studies you know she’s probably educated enough to hold a conversation about current affairs, books and culture not just about what cocktail she would like you to buy her.

I’m not a love expert, but as a club expert I am a firm believer that you can find love in a club. And why not? Everyone is washed and trimmed and in a good mood; the champagne is flowing and everyone is so much better looking in the dim lighting.

Okay, so the guy that pushes his groin against you while you’re trying to dance? Definitely not boyfriend material. The girl who has been flirting with you non-stop since the moment she found out you had a table? Probably not girlfriend material. Though there are plenty of others who might be.

 Dating, Club, Clubbing, Partner, Meet, Love, Lust, Women, Men, Dating,

Karma dictates that for every terrible snog in the dark, there will be a good one and for every creep you meet, there might be a nice one.

If not YOLO and all that, have another drink and another one and another and worry about meeting the love of your life tomorrow or better yet the day after that when you’re no longer hung-over


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