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If only clubs were like Tinder

As much fun as it is to sneak around bars attempting to source available and interested women, just imagine how much simpler it would be if bars operated a similar browsing system to that of the popular dating app – Tinder. 

Imagine the possibilities…

1. No More Rejection

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Tinder allows singletons to rapidly flick through hundreds of potential suitors, swiping right if interested and swiping left if less so. If you have both swiped right, then it’s a match so congratulations you’ve pulled! This process would eliminate the need for cheesy chat up lines or any false sense of hope. A quick scan of the room would enable a definitive answer based entirely on first impressions, because lets face it, nobody wants to get to know you on a personal level. Their mind is already made up if you look gross.

2. You Won’t Need To Stalk Them

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Can we cut the small talk, I’m drunk in a bar, you’re drunk in a bar. All I need to know is the very basics, e.g. “How are you getting home tomorrow morning?” I already know your first name and age which conveniently appears on your profile an added bonus I even know how far your house is from mine for any late night booty calls. Which isn’t at all stalker like.


3. Mutual Mates

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One of the benefits of Tinder is that once you’ve located a match, you’ll be informed of any friends in common, which yet again is a conversation starter. You’re only going to end up asking him/her this nonsense anyway, so lets just crack on with it.

4. Options, Options, Options

anabella carrasco cat kinky leena sayed friend

As any who regularly uses a Tinder will know, that one of the beauties of it, is the amount of options instantly available to you. How many times have we been in a bar where there’s simply nothing going on. Those days would be well and truly over in a Tinder bar, plenty of fishing to be done.

5. Block Them

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It’s possible that the hottie who had you swiping right within a milli-second of their profile popping up is a pretty dull individual. Even worse in your haste to confirm your appreciation of their beauty you were fooled by a cleverly composed selfie and an Instagram filter. Wouldn’t it be amazing if in rea life on noticing the ache concealed by a thick layer of make up and the unfortunate warts you were able to simply block and delete them then and there. It would definitely beat having to plan awkward exit strategy.



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