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Celeb Teeth – Before and After

Since Joey Essex has been in the Celebrity Jungle, everyone’s been obsessing over his teeth; the brilliant white, 100% symmetrical gnashers. Are they real? How are they so straight? Why are they so white? These are all questions people are desperate to have answered. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea for my newest post to be about celebrity teeth – Which celebs have invested in this dental deal, and what did they look like beforehand? So, without any further ado, let me present to you the before and after of celebrity teeth.

Joey Essex

: Joey Essex, Joey, Essex, TOWIE, white, straight, veneers, teeth, mouth, plastic, face
: Joey Essex, Joey, Essex, TOWIE, white, straight, veneers, teeth, mouth, plastic, face

Joey’s teeth weren’t actually that bad before he was famous – He still invested in the whitest veneers you’ve ever seen. Does the “after” picture remind anyone else of Ross from “Friends”? I’m surprised Joey could even do the eating challenge on “I’m a Celebrity” as when Katie Price entered the jungle for the second time, she pulled out of the task as her teeth wouldn’t be able to hack the testicals and camel hoof style snacks.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole, Cheryl, Cole, Girls Aloud, X Factor, ITV, Simon Cowell, teeth, white, veneers, plastic, straight

LOOK AT CHERYL’S OLD TEETH. Such a difference! In her “Popstars: The Rivals” days Cheryl’s gnashers didn’t used to be quite so perfect and white. It’s a shock how much difference a set of teeth can make isn’t it?! Would Cheryl have won “FHM’s Sexiest Woman of The World” in 2009 and 2010 with her old teeth? Probably not… Good job you got new teeth Chez.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, Tom, Cruise, teeth, straight, white, braces, wonky, yellow, discoloured, teenager

Tom Cruise definitely did not have such a glamorous Hollywood smile in his teenage years. In fact, his two front teeth were incredibly discoloured and wonky. He didn’t, however, choose to hide this with veneers. Instead, he decided to fix what his mumma gave him with braces, and check out the result (with an insane amount of whitener, of course…)! Because the braces fixed his teeth, this is why his top set do not sit central in his mouth. I’m sure that Tom can overlook this tiny error though, seeing as… Well, he’s one of the most successful film stars in the world?

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay, Lohan, Meangirls, Herbie, rehab, alcohol, tobacco, yellow, white, teeth, braces, veneers

When Lindsay went through her strange, rehab, partying, shoplifting, not turning up to work-ing time of her life, her teeth went absolutely, without a doubt, downhill; She chipped her front-right tooth, caffeine and tobacco stained her teeth over time and it basically looked as if she didn’t even brushed them for about 40 years . However, now that she’s sorted out her bad ways, it seems as though LiLo has finally seen sense and got her teeth sorted out too. With the addition of veneers, Linds is 100% back to her best now, with beautiful white teeth. Welcome back Lindsay.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano, Ronaldo, football, Real Madrid, David Beckham, teeth, white, braces, veneers, straight, wonky, young, money

Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, definitely did not have the whole package when he first started out in football. Today, Cristiano has everything every man could ever dream of; A toned, defined body, a footballer income and (the newest addition) the perfect set of gnashers. I guess if you’re in the football world you have David Beckham to compete with on the looks front.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, Miley, Cyrus, Hannah Montana, Hannah, Montana, Disney, Bangerz, teeth, veneers, white, buck tooth, under-bite, straight, wrecking ball

When Miley Cyrus first started out as “Hannah Montana” people nicknamed her “Buck Teeth”. Since her Disney days, Miley’s sorted out her over bite (as well as peroxiding her hair and reducing the amount of clothes she wears by 99.9999%). She’s now got perfect, straight, yet still unique, teeth to complete her look.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron, Zac, Efron, High School Musical, HSM, HSM1, HSM2, HSM3, teeth, veneers, white, straight, gap, grand canyon, fancy, love, Disney

Before every single teenage girl (and probably quite a few women) on this planet fell in love with Zac Efron, he had the grand canyon in between his 2 front teeth. When Zac began his Hollywood movie career, he decided it would be best to get this gap sorted out and opted for the whitest, straightest, most perfect teeth. This probably helped with his reputation with the fans… (And Vanessa Hudgens, let’s face it.)

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos, Tulisa, Contostavlos, X Factor, ITV, Simon Cowell, competition, teeth, white, straight, N-Dubz, Dappy, Fazer

N Dubz’s Tulisa always had very small, slightly wonky gnashers, until she landed a spot on The X Factor when she knew that she was going to be the face of ITV every Saturday and Sunday night. When she heard the news that she was going to be confronted with numerous TV cameras every weekend, Tulisa made the wise decision to replace her natural teeth with perfectly symmetrical veneers. Although veneers are weaker than average, natural teeth, they look a lot more TV-ready and are definitely more “Hollywood” than natural teeth. Tulisa made a great decision to get her teeth done – just look at the results!


Steve-O, Steve, O, Jackass, Johnny Knoxville, teeth, white, straight, braces, shaved, dares

Steve-O’s problem was never wonkiness or missing teeth, but the sheer discolouring of his teeth, due to products such as caffeine, tobacco and citrus. Steve-O took a trip to his dentist and got his teeth shaved down and bleached, leaving him with wonderful, straight, pearly whites. Well done Steve-O, you made good choices.

Rylan Clark

Rylan Clark, Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan, Joey Essex, Steve-O, Tulisa, Miley Cyrus, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cheryl Cole, Tom Cruise, Teeth, Veneers, TOWIE, Essex, plastic, white, straight, braces, face

How could I leave out Rylan Clark’s new teeth (I use the term “teeth” loosely.)? Before Rylan took up the presenting position on “Big Brother’s Bit On The Side”, he decided it would be a great idea to do this to his face. Granted, his original, natural teeth aren’t great – they were all different sizes and a bit crooked, however his new veneers don’t really even resemble teeth anymore. They look like they came from a horse. We’re sorry Rylan, but do you really think this is an improvement? At least he’s plastered a scouse-brow on his forehead to distract us.



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