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The Deleted Tweets Celebrities Didn’t Want You To See: Nice Try But The Internet Never Forgets

Have you ever gossiped about someone in a text and then accidentally sent the text to the person the gossip was about?

Britney Awkward Face Text Gif

It’s pretty humiliating right? You either pretend it never happened or quickly make an excuse. And hope to God you get away with it.


Now imagine making that mistake on a much larger scale, like a million times larger.

Yes we’re talking about the world of Celebrity deleted tweets. Let’s look at some of the questionable celebrity tweets that were deleted or were posted by a ‘hacker’. We don’t know what the truth is, but we know one thing.

The internet never forgets.


Aly Raisman:

In case you don’t know Aly won gold at the Olympics because she can do stuff like this


Amy Raisman Tweet Deleted Funny

Now I believe Aly intended this as a DM to her Olympic teammates but accidentally tweeted it. Seems like an innocent mistake but when you look again, most of Aly’s teammates are under 18 and were accompanied by their parents to the Olympics, so exactly what club were they going to?

Minutes later Aly tweeted this:

aly raisman tweet mistake

Is this a cover up to her followers or her parents or did Aly genuinely opt out of clubbing for a quiet night in?

It’s just one of those scandals we’ll never get to the bottom off.


Alicia Keys

This one was a political cover up, just days after signing on to be the global creative director of BlackBerry, Alicia was seen tweeting from an iPhone. She quickly explained that she was hacked.

Alicia Keys Deleted Hacked Tweets Lol

After all the trouble of hacking her account surely the supposed hacker would have thought of a more juicy tweet than that?


Idris Elba


Idris Elba intended this picture for a lady friend but somehow miss clicked and tweeted it out to the universe, though he admitted it was no hack and was his mistake. Many of his admirers were appreciative, Lena Dunham thanked him on the Graham Norton show.

Celine Dion Fanning Self Flustered Gif


Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is renowned for her generosity to her fans who she endearingly calls her little monsters, though I think iPad 2s for every fan is a strain for even mother monster’s budget.

Russell Brand/ Katy Perry


This was most definitely deliberate, and was taken down within minutes, in fact rumor has it that it was this very tweet that led to break up of their marriage.

What can we say, I think an unflattering morning selfie sent out to millions of followers is acceptable grounds for divorce. We hardly blame you Katy.

The Kardashians

It started off as a joint prank between Khole Kardashian and fellow socialite Nicole Ritchie on big sister Kim’s twitter account:


Kim was no doubt used to Nicole’s prankster ways since they go way (way) back:


So she probably wasn’t surprised when Ritchie got bored and turned her attention to Khole’s account.


Oh Nicole, you do make us lol.

JK Rowling

After JK Rowling donated a million pounds the pro-UK campaign, she received a lot of backlash for it, one came in the form of a tweet from the non-profit organisation called The Dignity Project.


Though they soon claimed immunity from scrutiny and said their account was hacked.



This one was dark enough to slap the smile off anyone.


Louise Thompson

Yet another case of ‘Tweeted’ and ‘deleted’ – Made in Chelsea Stars Louise Thompson, Jamie Laing and Alexandra Felstead (Binky) tweeted a picture of a night out in New York with what seemed to be a rolled up bank note and white powder (hmmm) on the table.

Made In Chelsea Drugs tweet

And it didn’t take long for those pesky followers to notice:

Made In Chelsea Binky Louise Jamie Deleted Tweet

Though the Made in Chelsea trio seem to be acting rather cool about the whole thing. When it comes to pretending it didn’t happen, we think they’ve master that.

Louise Thompson Drug tweet gif



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