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madonna dressed young madonna mutton dressed as lamb

Celebrity Style Disasters: Mutton Dressed As Lamb?

There was once a time where we all dreaded the thought of being labelled “mutton dressed as Lamb” so we’d make that extra bit of effort to prevent such OFFENSIVE labels being thrown our way – even if that meant taking an extra 20 minutes to get ready.

That being said, the world of celebrity seems to work differently and it is comprised of individuals who believe that the best way to progress in their Fashion style, is by dressing as though they were 15 years younger (or older) than they actually are…

A survey from the multi-national Retail chain Debenhams found 89% of women “desire to dress younger than their years” and 55% believe 70 is the ideal age to begin dressing the age of someone born in their year. And the proof… is in the pictures.

Celebrities who don’t dress their age:

madonna dressed young madonna mutton dressed as lamb

She may well be the Queen of Pop music but we certainly DON’T think she is the Queen of Style in this outfit. The combination of the fishnet tights, the high split in the dress and the sexy look of underwear –as –outwear (it just looks like she’s wearing a Bustier) all are styles of someone much younger than you Madge – sorry…

Katy Perry
REAL AGE: 29 STYLE AGE: 68Katy Perry dresses older than age Katy Perry looks older

We think that the Teenage Dream singer was aiming to dress sophisticated and mature – but instead she took the maturity look to an entire new level. The flowery patterned dress along with the dated Bob hairstyle makes Katy look more like a grandma than a goddess. Katy’s outfit resembles something Helen Mirren would wear and she’s 68…

Willow Smith
  Willow Smith dresses older than she is Willow Smith dressed in heelless boots

As the daughter of Hollywood actor Will Smith, we’re sure Willow gets a lot of attention. But having a look at her style, we’re not sure so if it’s for the right reasons. Willow’s wearing a Rihanna-on-a-casual-day look and it’s really not working for age. And the heelless boots? Dear oh dear…

REAL AGE: 67 STYLE AGE: 16Cher dressed in leather clothes

Cher oh Cher! This look is way BELOW your years! The black fishnet tights, the short leather studded skirt and biker boots are all fashion style items that someone even half your age still couldn’t get away with.



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