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Cheryl Cole returns to the X Factor!

Chezza, Mrs. Cole, The Big C; whatever you wish to call her, you’ve been given the chance to see Cheryl’s lovely, Geordie face on your TV screens once again as it has been confirmed that she will return, as a judge, to The X Factor.

Simon Cowell, or ‘The Antichrist’, announced the 30-year-old’s return on Twitter and, as she’s getting paid a reported £1.5 million, I don’t think he has to twist her arm too much. In The Sun, a friend of hers has apparently said the decision “…is nothing to do with the money. She loves the show and has unfinished business.” What this business is we can only speculate upon but it may prove to be a more interesting way to spend our time than to watch Cheryl smile and speak for hours without ever saying a thing.


The ITV star has had a ludicrously successful career since first appearing on the nation’s television sets in 2002. Of course, being one of the most beautiful women around as well as a high profile marriage, divorce and constant tabloid speculation about a possible reunification between herself and Chelsea and England left-back, Ashley Cole, have done her career no harm either. Who knows what the future holds, chances are there will be a significant rise in the number of male viewers to The X Factor come the start of the new series in September. That is, of course, just a hunch though…

Since she left the show in 2011, Cole’s career has taken a bit of a downward turn by previous. She was sacked from the American incarnation of the show because our cousins across the Atlantic couldn’t understand a single word out of her mouth, but she’s done a brilliant job at suing the pants of the American X Factor big-wigs. Her third album was the only one not to go straight in at number one in the charts and failed to sell over 100,000 units in its first week of release. I don’t want to be mean, but if you can’t sell 100,000 copies of your album in the first week then you may as well quit the singing game.


You can catch Cheryl being all toothsome and smiley next season on the X Factor, in the meantime, feel free to ogle her. It’s what she would have wanted.



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