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Child Stars Gone Bad

Today I woke up feeling a sense of dread when I checked my Facebook, to see Justin Bieber once again plastered across all my social network walls. With child-actors increasingly seeing the worst of international press, Bieber has once again topped the charts; quite literally, spitting on his fans from his rooftop hotel-suite and sharing kiddish laughs with a group of close friends. But Bieber loves his fans right? Reportedly buying hot chocolate and playing music for them earlier this day. There’s nothing sweet about this latest teen drama, it seems child-actors have forgotten what it is to be a child.

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What is left to say about the slow demise of yesterdays Disney-dressed teen-talents? It feels as if the “child” should be taken from the star, with Miley Cyrus’ equal antics of underage drinking and dangerous dancing – being crowned the “twerk-queen” earlier this week. Whatever way you angle it (Down in Justin’s case) child celebrity role models are a dying breed, breaking away from what us adults typically expect; No more S-Club Juniors and Sunny delights.

Miley Cyrus has quoted saying “You’re supposed to be a mess when you’re 20” clearly lining her new punk-style attire and choices, with her hairs being cut short and edgy with blonde highlights – leaving me wondering how strongly school-uniform inductions will take place next September term. “People evolve” she quotes, which is strictly true, as Cyrus’ evolves into an unparalleled monster of Pro-Christian hate. In her favour, it would be difficult for anyone to maintain the face of perfection and innocence for as long as she has, but fame and age is clearly a remedy for social disaster.

2013 just hasn’t been a good year for child celebrities. Looking back, Summer saw shirtless stunts from both stars in a purpose built publicity stunt games – Out of touch with both of their teen time fan-base’. Waltzing down New York City in press view isn’t exactly ideal for the teen-bop youths, circling the streets holding their mother’s hands. More recently, fans have physically responded to these games face-fowarding. Remember “Cut-for-Bieber?” – an online explosion of emotionally provoked youths, praying for their teen-heartthrob to stop his receding ways. #cutforbieber instantly trended worldwide, with Belieber madness adding tensions to how we picture modern child-stars.

Time tends to show beloved stars falling into the candid ecstasies of a Hollywood lifestyle, and Bieber’s latest acts are nothing we haven’t seen before (Macaulay Culkin and Britney Spears being past demonstrative disasters) Tabloid shockers indicate that most child actors are moving into the post-18 realm of legality, which may give the “children” an overwhelming excuse to skid dramatically off the rails. Say goodbye to your Pop Princess dancing angelically to a choir of cartoon characters. Things just got more Pulp-Fiction.

Let’s take a minute and job through the worst things a child actor can do to ruin their reputation:

Dressing down – Eighteen, I’m finally free! Is a motto that circulates defensive responses to child actors and stars dressing less enigmatically. with age comes responsibility, and the excuse to dress like Tommy average’ second Aunty on a Saturday night in town, I guess.

Dodgy Tweets – Social networking asa whole has made the fan-to-man saga more personal and interactive than it ever has been. You would think this would make PR and agent representatives more forward on protecting their artist images, but as seen in this blog it’s clearly not the case. Nobody wants their perfect celebrity picture broken through the screen monitor.

Changing your mind – From melting fan hearts to spitting from great heights, many child actors have clearly “changed their mind” on how they want to be seen by the greater population. Acting like an impacient adolescent is clearly a reputation breaker, and is hard to forgive.

Getting back to it, miss-treatement of the child-identity starts with the musicians and actors that source the category. Titling this blog was simple; Child stars have gone bad – and not in a good way. I can imagine that parentswill be adding many popular child icons to this years hate mail list. It’s clear that Bieber in particular feels the strains of his actions, becoming more explicitly aware of his responsible to a childhood-generation or adoring fans; He tweets, “I’m a lucky guy #MyBeliebers” in light on the publicity response to Project flem. Maybe a sight of innocence can still be kept for our the worlds teenality, or maybe things are just about to cycle out of control.

Saying this; A quick jump onto Miley’s Twitter page proves indefinitely how stripped teen stars have become; she reportedly spoke whilst in Germany:

“We want to go somewhere weird. Yeah, we want to go to a weird ass club.”

I’m not sure about weird clubs, but follow now on @xclusivetouch for some of London’s less eccentric events.

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