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Christmas gift Ideas for him and her

Christmas is just over a month away and it’s time to put on your thinking caps and get cracking on some gift ideas. If you are stuck on what to get your partner then look no further we have all the ideas you would need for him/her! 🙂  

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I am about to make this grueling Christmas shopping that much easier for you. 

Some gifts you might want to avoid unless it was specifically requested are perfumes and colognes, wallets and watches. I say this because I personally think it’s a cop out even if you’ve spent over £200 on them. Having said that it is still a fail safe and if you have the money to do so then falling back on a Louis wallet or a Michael Kors watch would not get you in the dog house. 

There are a few factors that need to be considered before you engage in the hunt for the perfect gift, for the ‘perfect’ person. Perhaps the most important you should keep in mind is the length of relationship. 

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Time: 3 Weeks – 3 Months

Limit: It’s the thought that counts 

Suggestions: If you have been dating between weeks and months then it’s probably best to steer clear of any sentimental gifts. I say stick to a variety of mini gifts that show you are thoughtful but not full on, something quirky and cute. 

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Idea 1- This can be a selection of their favourite sweets and DVDs and if it’s a female you are buying for then try beauty products from The Body Shop or Lush that smell nice. 

Idea 2- Two sets of socks and boxers. Plain and quirky. Sounds boring but guys will always need clean socks and pants right?

Idea 3- Hot water bottle, something for them to cuddle when you’re not around 😉 

Idea 4- A little research before hand will prove useful for this one. A visit to your nearest Footlocker or Office to get him or her a fresh pair of feet candy they had their eye on.

Time: 3 Months – A Year

Limit: £20-£150

Suggestions: At this stage you can let loose a bit more and be a bit extravagant with your money. 

Idea 1- If you are prepared to be GTA Widow or any other widow whereby you lose your man to a game then you could visit and purchase the latest games for PC, Xbox and Playstation. You might even stretch out purchase him a new console to play it on.

Idea 2- Tickets to a west end show or their favourite artist’s concert (this can be advanced booking and doesn’t have to be someone who is in town right now).

Idea 3- A piece of fine jewelry will go down well at this time of year. Try checking out Thomas Sabo, Links London, or Swarovski for some sparkly gifts.

Idea 4- For a guy how about tickets to see his favourite team play. And if they’re playing away you can make a weekend of it and check into a hotel. 

Time: Anything over a year

Limit: The sky apparently lol 

Suggestions: So you have been together over 12 months, this time of year can go in two directions for those in a relationship. You are either pressured into buying something extraordinary or you just don’t bother at all because you are past the stage of trying to impress, and you are so comfortable with one another that you can just relax. After all the same concept of Valentine’s day applies; you don’t need a holiday as a reason to buy a special gift. 

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Idea 1- iPad Air has just been released along with the new iPad mini with retina display. Add the sentimental value and get it engraved!

Idea 2- Macbook Air, who doesn’t want one of these? If you have the money then why not splurge. 

Idea 3- A Spa trip for two. Check for excellent deals!

Idea 4- Although it is getting rather cold an exciting outdoor adventure still goes down well as long as the weather agrees with you and its not raining or snowing. Try bungee jumping or checkout for zip lining. You can go just the two of you or get together some friends and make a day of it.  

Remember these are just a selection of ideas, feel free to mix and match each idea from each category. Also this is your relationship, you know what he or she likes so buy them what you feel they would enjoy!  

Note: Please don’t break up with your partner to get out of having to buy them something! It’s been heard of! 


By Annie Ploy 



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