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The Club Hook Up: Ditch or Date

Author: Miranda Athanasiou

The Club Hook Up: Ditch or Date

She sees you from across the room; tall, handsome, irresistible and totally forgettable after 5 glasses of wine.

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First of all I would like to start by saying I’m not totally convinced that ‘beer goggles’ are actually a thing. The truth is that everyone looks 30% more attractive when the lights are off. Now couple that with a few Jack and Cokes (or whatever your poison of choice is) and two hours of making out in the corner later you’re left with the classic club hook up conundrum. You’ve parted ways, she’s gone home and now she’s thinking “was he attractive” and “what was his name”?

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It has become my personal opinion that if a girl gives you her number in a club and you do in fact plan to send a next morning text like you promised you would, it should include a mandatory headshot and name reminder. Again I find alcohol is a classic scapegoat for the “I can’t remember his name” problem but let’s face it, it was loud, you were mumbling and there’s only so many times she can scream back “what?!” before it’s just politer to give up, smile, nod and save you in her phone as “Shaka Zulu guy”.

Then just because you got her number doesn’t always necessarily mean you should use it. What’s more if you do choose to use it, the correct morning after text does not include any mention of adding each other on Facebook. We get it, you’re worried she might be ugly and I assure you, she’s equally worried too, but you don’t need to make it so obvious. If you’re lucky she’ll have a picture of herself on Whatsapp and you can much more subtly stalk her like that.

Now here’s the crunch, according to my friend, single girls go out to meet boyfriends and single guys go out to meet desperate single girls. As generalisations go I’ve heard more far-fetched. The point is, if fun is what you were after… then what would be the point of texting? I sound like I’m asking a question, but unfortunately, I think I already know.

Most men think there’s going to be a round two; the chance to continue where you left off so to speak and there might well be, after three or four dates. Save yourself the trouble and use the money you would have spent on a dinner for two at Nandos to get yourself a new shirt for next Saturday night… there’s plenty more fun to be had there.

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If I’m wrong and the beer flavoured kisses from the night before have actually inspired you to message for a date (not a trip round McDonalds Drive through but an actual I-might-wear-a-clean-shirt-to-this date) then there’s no problem. Not one. Well, except that, at some point you will begin to wonder… do you really want to date the girl you picked up in a club? 

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