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Crapchat: Some People Have Way Too Much Time On Their Hands

Snapchat can be great. You can be all absent minded, walking down the street, your phone goes off and you full on belly laugh in the street. Classic snapchat. It’s come under a bit of stick since being created as various groups reckon kids will be sending pictures of their dicks or boobs to each other and taking a screenshot of said lewd image.

In all fairness, they’re probably right. However, these are the same kids that have video cameras built into their laptops and access to the world’s porn supply at the click of a button.

Snapchat can also have more innocent applications. One of the more innocuous things to come out of this app is ‘Crapchat’. This facebook fan page deplores all manner of shite Snapchats in an effort to eradicate these appalling

Using the mantra of “Everyone has a mate who sends shit, boring snapchats. Screenshot them, and add them here. Hopefully the shame will end the shit snaps forever!” I feel as though this is something most, if not all, of us can get behind in our plight to end the interminable dross that lines our app on a daily basis. Just look at some of these abysmal displays from people…


Big thumbs up for creativity on this one.


I think the word “badass” sums this atrocious example up nicely


I really should hate this. Everything about screams shite but it’s just that bad it goes full circle


That pizza looks delicious. However, it makes for a bloody awful Snapchat.


Fuck’s sake…


Is this guy being serious with his empty bowl of whatever that was?


You see, these people are basically bad to their core; these Snapchats are just proof of that. I encourage, nay, implore you to like this page and upload the worst crapchats you receive. I dream of a world in which we all live harmoniously sending and receiving Snapchats of sheer quality. Until then, we must raise crapchat awareness.

The next time a friend sends you an awful snapchat screenshot it and shame them!

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