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Crazy Insane Person Text Just Friends

This Is What Crazy Looks Like In A Text Message

Girls and Boys, sometimes technology can be a bad thing. It can make us go a bit crazy. And sometimes this leads to making a complete and utter fool out of yourself.

Crazy Insane Person Text Just Friends

What I am talking about in particular is texting. It seems like such an innocent and simple way of communicating, and it can be, but it can also go terribly in the wrong hands. The paranoia of thinking “why is it taking him so long to reply?” or “What was that smiley supposed to mean?” has in fact driven some people mad.

This results in these crazies sending anything from 10 – 200 texts to a person on a drunken night out, ultimately freaking the fuck out of the receiver and sealing their fate of never hearing from them again.

Over-enthusiastic thumbs sending a million texts do not attract a partner! I mean have you ever heard the phrase “This girl/guy is always texting me” end in “it’s making me like him/her more”? I didn’t think so. Especially if this is the number of someone you have just met, it is not acceptable to abuse their phone with text after text declaring your love in the most undignified way.

Crazy Girl Text Messages Insane Funny Hilarious

The full conversation is in the video below

It’s not JUST the amount of texts you send, but also WHAT you send. Nobody wants loads of texts that show how desperate you are! Writing out a 40 line paragraph on how funny you thought they were the other night and how good-looking they are might (I said might) be charming the first time around but after a few pages of in-depth texts on their eye colour it gets a little creepy. So just chill!

If by any chance you are still thinking “C’mon, no one is really THAT bad, you are just exaggerating!” have a little look at this video. It shows what happens when clingy girls are allowed mobile phones.

WARMING what you are about to witness, is a girl’s dignity slowly (actually, not that slowly) drain away. Hilarious to everyone, except maybe her:



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