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Cristiano Ronaldo feels he is “Too Famous”

Cristiano Ronaldo feels he is “Too Famous”

Just one day before the big clash between 2 of Europes biggest clubs Real Madrid vs Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed in an interview how he feels he always had a fear of becoming “too famous”. In his interview he says the worst thing about being Cristiano Ronaldo is being “too famous” he goes on to say “To be this famous is not good, it is very hard, there’s so much stuff that’s bad about it. I don’t have a normal life. A normal life doesn’t exist for me. To go in the street, to go shopping, to do whatever I want – it’s impossible. Wherever I go in the world people recognise me, everywhere you go.”

Ronaldo is one of Europes elite players and some would argue the best on the planet, but has always been solely focused on becoming the worlds greatest footballer and has worked hard from the beginning making sure he is playing his best football and developing as a player. So what would a player of his standard do to make sure he is protected in every way? Wear a seat belt when driving possibly? Well, recently Mr Ronaldo crashed a £115,000 Ferrari! When asked “What’s it like to crash a Ferrari”? He responded “I didn’t care about the car to be honest — I cared about my legs! When I climbed out the car I actually smiled. I thought, ‘It’s OK, I’m good’. The car is not important, your life is the most important. Crashing a car can happen in life, you can crash an Opel, you can crash a Ferrari — it’s not nice and I don’t want it to happen again.”

Many football fans argue that footballers are very overpaid and put no effort on the pitch at times not caring about the result and are very happy to go home losing a game when they still know they are getting their £100k weekly paycheck. However when Ronaldo was asked what it was like to see £1million in his bank account for the first time, he gave a fair response. “I’m not going to say I don’t care about the money. Money is important, of course. But it’s not the most important, it is not my priority. Maybe when I was young at Sporting Lisbon it was — they didn’t pay me good and I wanted to buy this and that. But when you get to a certain point in life the money doesn’t give you motivation.It is not the money that gives me the motivation to play or train every day and try my best all the time.” Cristiano Ronaldo is a great example of how every footballer should be. He works his hardest to achieve his dream but never stops, and even now with a super star like Lionel Messi stealing every headline is around, Ronaldo is still there trying his best and shining on the great stage



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