The Curse Of No Reply: Get A Grip He Probably Just "Forgot" To Message back
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The Curse Of The No Reply: Get A Grip, They Probably Just “Forgot” To Message Back

Social media may be a great way to hide behind a screen and say whatever you’re thinking, but it definitely has some draw-backs. When it comes to the act of flirting, nothing could be more confusing that trying to impress who you like if you can’t see their instant reaction to your advances.

It all starts with a harmless, casual message from you when they show up online.

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And when that little double tick or ‘seen’ icon comes up, you brace yourself for their reply and mentally prep yourself for what witty comment you’ll make next…

5 minutes on you’re still waiting…

…10 minutes later and still no reply…but they’re probably just showering or something.

After 15 minutes, your harmless ‘hi’ is starting to look lonely so you follow it up with an even more casual ‘how ya doing?’ to which you receive NADA. Okay, now you’re seriously kicking yourself for writing that second message, WHY DID YOU WRITE THAT SECOND MESSAGE!?

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I mean it’s not like they haven’t seen it so you begin to imagine what they might be doing that is so important he/she can’t take 5 seconds to reply. Your options are:

– They saw it whilst driving so can’t reply yet

– They’re at work and really quickly checked their phone

– Just as they were about to reply, they were mugged and the muggers liked Sarah’s photo…not him/her.

– They ran out of battery but will probably reply when they hook up to a charger…hold up…


Without even knowing it, he/she has declared emotional warfare and you’re about to fire your first shot. You go into your computer files and find that pic you’ve been saving for emergencies, choose a filter that makes your skin look flawless, and click ‘upload’. Now to rack up some likes because you look damn good in that photo…

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Nope, nothing. Maybe they just don’t want to seem desperate. They didn’t like your photo but he/she will definitely like this status you’re about to write that relates to them in a not-that-obvious kind of way.

Oh god, they’ve gone offline. They’re totally onto you and they’ve disappeared before you make an even bigger idiot of yourself…or maybe they just need another shower?

You curse the ‘you’ from half an hour ago for ever deciding to start a conversation in the first place and persuade yourself that they hate you because they didn’t reply. Then you scroll back through your previous conversations to see if there are any signs he/she was ever actually flirting with you at all.

little britain computer says no social media flirt fail disappointment

That’s it – you’re officially over it, they’re obviously not that into you and you can’t afford to waste your time getting worked up over someone who can’t even take a few seconds to send a text but will happily like holiday pictures on Instagram…you actually kinda hate them now. IGNORING SOMEONE IS JUST PLAIN RUDE.

A few hours later and you’ve just about managed to put the whole flirting fail fiasco to the back of your mind…

‘Hey, yeah you?’

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Errrrm NOW they reply? Whatever, you’re so not bothered. You know how to give the silent treatment too. For all of 5 minutes…

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