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Dance crazes

Dance crazes

Twerking has been around for years but now Miley Cyrus has embraced the dance move it has become the latest dance craze. With jay-z even saying it should replace the electric slide. ( i dont know if he’s being scarcastic )

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So we gonna look back at all the best dance crazies that has taken over the clubs.

Harlem shake:
I dunno wheather we can call this a dance craze but it took over clubs and the world. if you dont know what the harlem shake is i dont know where youve been the past year. but for thouse who don’t know i will explain what is : basically the song ( harlem shake by baauer) starts and one person usally in a helmet or mask dancing alone then the beat drops you here a lion roar and the whole room gets effected and everyone starts to dance as crazy as possible like something has taken over them. ( sounds silly but very funny to watch)

Dance Crazes, harlem shake, dances, twerk, gangnam style, single ladies, moonwalk, nightclubs, xclusivetouch

Gangnam style :
who knew that a south korian pop star named psy would take over the world with hes catchy song and even catcher dance moves. gangnam style was the first video to make it to a billion veiws ( a billon) you cant understand the lyrics but who cares the dance is great.

Soulja boy:
yes he may be the worst rapper in the world but “crank that” was genius and made soulja a millionaire and an insent celberity. “super man that h** …..yoooou” the dance way so easy to do and every rave and drink-up i went to for at least a year we all had to do the souja boy crank that dance.

Kriss kross:
jump jump .. kriss kross will make you jump jump .. and you jump jump. pretty simple but a classic. you cant listen to that song with out jumping.

Lean back:
is this even a dance move? even if it isn’t it still a classic , who didn’t/doesn’t lean back when they heard this in a club

Snap dance ( lean with it rock with it):
“oh i think they like me” every crank song you heard you had to lean with it rock with it

Carlton dance.:
Aww carlton i’m not sure if this was ever a craze but when ever you here “it’s not usually to be loved by any one” you did they cheesist nerdist dance you could (maybe not in public) it’s not a craze it a phanomon

Hammer dance (cant touch this):
This song change the world accomplied by a crazy dance routine that no one could do and crazy clothes ( gold harem trousers ?? ) we will never have such an epic movement again young old you’ve have all tired the dance.

Single ladies.:
so you single or you’ve had a row with your boy friend single ladies comes on and your inner diva comes out. and you do the hand movement. ( the rest of the dance is too complicated to do) but you do the show him the hand dance move and every one knows what you doing.

i dont know any one who hasn’t attempted this move. (wearing socks on a smooth service is usually the easist way ) maybe the greatest dance move ever invented

teach me how to dougie. this dance is a lot harder than it looks.

Cha Cha Slide.:
to the left , bring it back now one hope this time two hopes this time. whooo you may not have done this in a club but you’ve done this at home.

Y-M-C-A you literally spell it out with your body it so simple it works. as soon as i hear it my body wants to curve into a Y ( not in public though)

The electric slide:
Why do they do this dance at the end of every rave. and the worst is when no one goes the same way.
ill remind every one how it goes : two to the right , two to the left two back one forward one back and jump and skip forward but turn to the right. best song to do it to is “taste like candy”

Aww this reminds me of my school discos , don’t deny it we all did this in dance. it cheesy as hell but a total classic.

and finally we have the shuffle. there no way you’ve been to a house rave and you haven’t seen people cutting shapes and shuffling their feet. ( It’s an epidemic that i’ve not yet mastered 🙁 but i will)

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