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Dating Deal Breakers

When listing women’s biggest pet peeves about men the real question is where to start.

Maybe we should start from the bottom and work our way up: that’s right, I’m talking feet: smelly feet, flaky feet and hairy feet. Despite common belief, pedicures are not just for women and for once it would be nice to wake up without toe nail claw marks on our ankles.

Just stick to the three C’s: keep them clean, keep them cool and for the love of God keep them cut!

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My next pet peeve about men: their inability to get off their phones mid date. If this sounds like you… stop it! At least when we want to send a text mid date, we have the decency to pretend we’re going to the toilet.

Having your phone out or texting when you’re out on a date is rude and kind of irritating. It’s not a great sign on a date when we’re hoping the waiter comes over just so we have someone to talk to while you update your twitter status.

If you can’t get through a two hour date without texting someone else, then we can only assume our company isn’t good enough. Old fashioned or not, we want to feel that you’re more excited about us, than the free wifi.

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Irritation number three: your mother.

For some girls, dating a guy that’s close to his mum is endearing and cute. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a guy having a close relationship with his mum… to a point.

If your mum is constantly doing your washing, buying your clothes and generally cleaning up after you this can be off putting and unattractive. I once heard a guy say: “My mum cut my toe nails till I got married, then my wife took over”, which pretty much just sums up every woman’s worst nightmare.

A note to all mummies’ boys: independence is sexy. Having your mum still make your bed at 25 is not.



My final frustration with the male species is one that I’m sure is shared by many women up and down the country. Leaving the loo seat up has got to be, by far, the most irritating of male habits; and one step further, leaving the loo seat up, with pee all over it.

First of all, if your aim is shit, at least have the decency to wipe away the evidence.

Secondly, many a-time have I been caught out and ended up practically falling down the toilet. I know many remarks will now be made about look before you… well you know what I mean; but guys just have a little bit of consideration and pop the seat down after you’re done.

On behalf of woman everywhere, I’ll admit we’re not sure why it annoys us so much, it just does, so stop.




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