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How To Decode That Man Text

Men are confusing at the best of times, but add technology to the mix and we need an instruction manual just to decipher basic phrases.

Men of few words become men of fewer in the world of texting; the length of time to reply, amount of X’s, and time of day all contribute to what your man is trying to hint at. It’s enough to make any girl chuck their phone at the nearest wall!

But for those of you not wanting to put in an insurance claim on their iPhone, here is some insight into the weird world of male texting:

“Good Morning 🙂 Have a good day!”textytext

Who doesn’t want to wake up to those words first thing in the morning?! This shows your boy is thinking about you when he wakes up. If you aren’t already together then gurrrl, he likes you!


Pulling one worded answers out of them like teeth is very frustrating! K, Yes, No, Dunno, Bye, aren’t very rewarding after you sent him a whole essay! Truth is he is either playing Xbox, he’s with his mates or he is giving you the cold shoulder as a hint that he doesn’t want to speak to you.

If it’s a direct translation you’re looking for “K” translates to “stop texting me now”.

“Send me a pic ;)”
private parts

9/10 times he most likely isn’t referring to a photo of your face. He wants a raunchy photo of you involving very little clothing! DO NOT DO IT! I can understand you may want to show him your sexy self, but for god’s sake do it in person! Don’t live in fear that you’ll break up on bad terms, he’ll post them on Facebook and those pics will end up as your brother’s friends new screen savers.

Only if you are in a relationship with someone you trust completely is it acceptable to reply with photos to these kinds of texts.

Amount of X’s – Guys Analyse It Too!pretty serious

As much as some people don’t care about kisses in texts, some guys actually do think about how many to send too! I have been with guy friends that have been baffled by “2 kisses… What does that mean?! Do I now have to send 3 back?!”

The rule of thumb is usually: anything more than 1 kiss is more than friendly, more than 2 is flirty and if they send 6 or more then they are deffo into you (or slightly crazy).

No Reply
Hell To The No GIF Glee No Reply Text Angry

Lets be clear, if you text a guy and he doesn’t reply, texting again won’t help the situation. If you think the solution to being ignored is sending 4 more messages and a missed call from an “unknown number” well you’re wrong.

For those of you who are reading this too late, let it be know that 5 texts in a row or more is irreversible damage, he ain’t never going to reply to you now… crazy.



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