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Dicks From Around The World

It has been said, that women are so terrible at parking because we’re constantly being lied to about what 6 inches looks like.

When it comes to the time old question “does size matter” apparently it does to men in possession of a tape measure because studies have shown that men exaggerate the size of their goods by up to almost 2 inches.

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And who could blame them? In the world wide trouser steaks, British men came only 78th out of 113 countries in the penis size draw of the world. If it serves to comfort anyone, Britain is still above France (by a mere 0.2… inches but every little helps eh).

When it comes to average penis size, The Congo came in first place with an average of 7.06 inches erect and North & South Korea came in last with an average of 3.8. Is it a wonder that Asian men have been caught over reporting their package size by up to 1.4 inches??

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Though before you snigger I have to add that a New York study proved that Caucasian men lie the most when it comes to penis size, finally explaining why most men are so terrible at DIY. It’s not because men are incapable of putting up a shelf, it’s because their tape measures seem to be off by a whopping 1.7inches.

If it helps, there is a theory that those with smaller penises have higher IQs possibly proving once and for all to women everywhere that you really can’t have it all. Though there are anomalies to every research and if your girlfriend is reading this over your shoulder, there’s still time to point to this sentence and say “I must be the exception to the rule”.

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When it comes to size, there are two types of women. Those who live by the “bigger the better” life mantra and those who say “well-endowed men aren’t as good in bed, because they think they don’t have to try as hard”.

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With regards to “who knows how to use it best” there is yet to be a world-wide chart for that. But for those who do find it matters, here are the average sizes (when erect) of some of our favourite countries around the world, as put together by controversial professor of psychology Richard Lynn (the mastermind behind this sizably important research).

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To those who say it’s not all about size, you can stop reading now.

Congo: 7.1 inches

Ecuador: 7 inches

Colombia: 6.7 inches

Iceland: 6.5 inches

Italy: 6.2 inches

South Africa: 6 inches

Greece: 5.8 inches

Germany: 5.7 inches

Turkey: 5.6 inches

UK: 5.5 inches

Spain: 5.5

France: 5.3

Australia: 5.2 inches

USA: 5.1 inches

Ireland: 5 inches

Philippines: 4.3 inches

China: 4 inches

South Korea: 3.8 inches

North Korea: 3.8 inches

And JUST like that, Hen parties to the Congo have just increased 1,000,000%



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