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How To Dress For A Night Out In London’s West End Clubs

Remember my post on what to wear and what not to wear for New Years Eve. Well making sure your outfit is on point when hitting a club in London’s West End is something that should be done all year round. Pretty basic stuff right?

There are ultimately two things you need to consider before you make that purchase for your new evening wardrobe; Where am I going? Is it something classy or is it a Thursday night down Oceana’s? If it’s the latter then by all means please pay for your sheer leggings, and lace crop top.

If however you’re going to the same club you saw your favourite celebrity partying at the week before then perhaps those leggings aren’t the best idea. Put on your Beyonce, Kanye West or Kourtney Kardashian thinking hat. Ask yourself would that snobby bitch in Pretty Woman treat me like poor Julia Roberts in this outfit?

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Take inspiration from celebs. Not to say they all do it right even if they have paid money for someone to tell them what to wear. You can get inspiration and advice for free just by looking at photos online or magazines.

You can also get inspiration from instagram where many ladies post their #OOTN (outfit of the night) or tumblr (my favourite).

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Denim is a no
Leggings are a no
Anything that looks like you might wear to a prom is a no
Dresses that look like you just stepped out the office are a no
Polka dots are a no
Vests are a no – put more effort in
Slanted heels are a no
Skatty boots are a no – I beg of you
Disco pants are a no
Sequins can be a hit and miss if you’re not sure then they’re a no
PVC midis is a yes
Leather midi is a yes
Bralette is a yes
Crop top & high waist pants is a yes
Jumpsuit are a yes
Thick chunky heels are a yes – You might be able to actually walk in them
Mid knee length figure dress is a yes
Cami vests is a yes
High neck tops are a yes
Block colours are a yes
All white is a yes
All black is a obviously a yes

Going out you should feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing, what’s the point in wearing a dress so short you feel so self-conscious that walking down the road is an issue. Or heels so high you can barely stand without a chaperone.

Pick something that you can move comfortably in, after all are you’re going to the club to party and have good time. You’ll probably have a few drinks and the last thing you want to deal with is an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Just think would Beyonce wear this? Would Kanye West approve of this outfit? Is this a Britney Spears faux pas or is it a Nicole Scherzinger stunner?

rihanna turn up partying in club

Please be reminded this is just a matter of opinion and what I believe to be visually appealing. If you disagree by all means you rock the hell out of your chosen outfit!  You go Glen Co Co!!

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