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Drunk Chicks Be Like: Comedian’s Impressions Of Drunk Girls Are Hilarious

Alcohol is wonderful thing, if you’re reading this chances are like me you live for the weekend and are partial to a few drinks after a long week in the office, probably a cheek pint or a glass of vino mid week.

Undoubtedly the best thing about the amount of drinking that takes place overt the weekend is that it often leads to one of your friends acting a fool, as Luda would put it. Waking up after a messy night out with a story to tell is perhaps almost as downing those shots at the bar. Who doesn’t love retelling the hilarious stories of a drunken night out with friends?

American comedian Chris D’elia impersonation of what girls are like when drunk is absolutely hilarious, mostly because it’s so true. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE who has ever come into to contact with a drunk girl can relate.



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