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Drunken Street racer Justin Beiber arrested in Miami – The internet responds with hilarious memes

Justin Bieber was taken into custody in the early hours of the morning after being arrested for a string of drug-fuelled offences. Bieber was subsequently charged with a DUI (drinking under the influence), resisting arrest and drag racing.

According to the police report Biebs had been drag racing a friend in his yellow Lamborghini and even had members of his entourage in two black SUV’s block one end of the residential road.

His claims of not being drunk and having spent the night in a studio working on new music fell on deaf ears. With officers writing the report said that his breath smelled of alcohol and he had blood shot eyes. Reports have it that Bieber actually spent the night partying at a nearby strip club racking up a tab of $75,000, that’s a hell of a lot of “dolla dolla bills y’all”. 

The 19 year old star has found it hard to stay out of the media for all of the wrong reasons. His arrest comes less than a week after a drug bust and the subsequent arrest of friend ‘Lil Za’ at his mansion.  Who can forget the storm on social media from his legion of Beliebers after he allegedly paid a Brazilian prostitute for sexy time?

Without wishing to invite on to myself the fury of millions of Beliebers it has to be said the incident has proved a hilarious reaction from the Internet!

One can’t help but think that with all of the reports in the media of Bieber’s antics it was only a matter time for police to arrest him.

Even if he thought otherwise…

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Justin should’ve really taken his previous encounters with police more seriously, perhaps not attempting to resist arrest may have helped this time…

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he clearly wasn’t even in a fit state to drive…

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well it’s all too late now there’s not much we can do now aside from praying for Justin…

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and hope he doesn’t bump into this guy…

prison justin bieber don't drop the soap

and leave him feeling like Drake…

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