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East meets West end

East meets West end

Has anybody noticed how the East end has become vastly popular this year?  East London is becoming trendier and has been a fashionable hot spot especially for hipsters and those who love the vintage and retro vibe. There may not be any popular high street brands and big chain stores but east London do provide us with various boutiques that offer something different. 

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House music in the west

The East end has always had its own scene and set of frequent visitors way before house music blew up this year and made its way mainstream. This has caused the west end to broaden their own scene and target audience. House music has become more prevalent amongst the west end clubs with many events on different nights to choose from showcasing quality DJs. The East end’s influence doesn’t stop at just the music but even the east ends’ fashionable trends have found its way into the west end style. However, don’t be discouraged if house music isn’t to your taste. West end still remains diverse in its music selection at clubs and you will find a music genre that accommodates your taste at one of our many xclusivetouch events. 

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Fashion and style

Following on the subject of East end influences on the west in terms of fashion, more clubs and events are being less restrictive on the ‘smart’ dress code and are not as strict as it used to be, especially for guys. Long gone are the days when the choices of party wear was a shirt and shoes. Spiked leather jackets and quirky motif t-shirts are receiving a welcoming nod in the right direction.  

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In all honesty there have been times when I have thought to myself has the East end become the new West end? But after much discussions and observation I think to say that the east end is the new west end is like saying yellow is the new black. There will never be a new black. “Yellow” may be current and in trend for the summer but “black” is a classic. That’s what the west end is like, the west end represents a timeless style, it’s the little black dress; whether it’s the restaurant and bars, the shops or the night life and the east end represents the current trend, the “in season” piece that is fashionable but momentary. The west end will always have its own style and as we all know style is forever and fashion changes. 

Bye summer, Hello Halloween!

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As summer has just passed, street parties and roof parties have been shut down for the year *sobs*.  If you find you can’t decide where to visit for a night out this A/W then ask yourself this; do you want to go casual or glam? Weekdays I find are for a cheeky night out after work in Shoreditch in your converses, but weekends are for that little black dress you have been saving to show off and the killer heels to carry you through a big night, in the big city with the bright lights. If you do find yourself looking for a stylish night out in the west end then head over to one of our many weekly xclusivetouch events.                                                   

 By Annie Ploy



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