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Easy Isn’t A Good Look – Why Guys Secretly Love It When A Girl Plays Hard To Get

There are certain things (regardless of how politically correct or not) that we expect the opposite sex to do and it’s all part of the game we play.

We’re assigned gender roles from the moment we’re gifted our first Action Man or Barbie Doll and more often than not we spend the rest of our lives playing the role. Do anything else and we’re seen as a quirky, an extrovert or just a bit weird.

If a guys sleeps with 3 girls in a week people will think he’s stud, If a girl does the same people will think she slut. It’s all part of gender politics and unfortunately we just can’t get away from it.

Confused? Well don’t we all raise an eyebrow when women get down on one knee and ask their man to marry them? Do we not turn our noses up at the women that make the first move? Do we not paint women in a negative light the moment they’re perceived as being too easy? Perhaps not everyone is so quick to judge however you’d have to be extremely naive to deny that on the most part society is quick to judge. That’s just the way it is. I didn’t make the rules, I just live within them.

It’s up to us individually to navigate through these scenarios as best as possible without looking a fool. For guys the rules are simple, if you like her let her know….without crossing the line and falling into “thirsty”. For the ladies it’s a similar situation, if you like him, let him know without crossing that line and falling into “easy”.

When it comes down to it there is a massive line between playing hard to get and just being down right easy. All too often however I’ve seen women jump from playing hard to get to easy in the matter of three tequila shots and back to playing Sister Mary the next morning. As much as I am a fan fast women and (during the winter months) the good girls there’s nothing that I hate more than a YoYo Whore.

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When you analyse any potential relationship situation, it’s pretty much this non stop back and forth. When a guy comes off thirsty or a girl comes off easy. I wouldn’t say it shuts down your game, more like it pulls the plug straight out of the wall.

The nature of men whether we we like to admit it or not we like a bit of a challenge. At the end of the day, we wanna know we’ve achieved something. Sometimes it may just be purely physical attraction, both men and women love it when it seems like a mixture of both good looks and personality that helped you get them into bed. As much as it may be an ego boost don’t over do it by laughing at every single joke whilst throwing out your 67th compliment over a cigarette in the smoking area.

Getting your mate to go over and say “my friend like’s you” as they point back to you across the room only worked in primary school. We don’t wanna know you’re on the look out for a new man cos the fact it could be anyone, well that means it most certainly won’t be me…Well I may take up the role but only a short/part time basis, after all a mans gotta do what a man’s gotta do.



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