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Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining

So far February has been dominated by dismal weather conditions; rain, rain and surprisingly even more rain sweeping the country.


As yet more storms beckon it may be difficult to feel anything but despair and longingly look forward to the summer months…most of which will probably be spent tweeting complaints about the heat and how you much preferred winter anyway.

If you happen to live by the sea or close to an over flowing river then perhaps there might be a case for worry. If however there is no risk to your home being flooded then you’re really only dealing with a broken brolly, perhaps getting a bit wet and at worse catch a cold.

Here are 5 reasons that prove that even in the mist of a great storm every cloud has its silver lining!

1. A Semi Valid Excuse To Chill At Home

rick ross rawse bawse lol funny meme swag hip hop tattoos

Yes, there’s nothing quite as pleasing as the weather preventing you getting into work in the morning.  There is of course a rail replacement bus service but your boss doesn’t need to know that, mutter something about leaves on the track and put the phone down. You now have no choice but to spend the rest of the day chilling on your sofa..like a bawse.

2. Playing Ultimate Bus Wankers


Whether you’re in a bus, taxi, car or any type of vehicle, there are few things more cruel yet satisfying as witnessing a puddle tidal wave covering a pedestrian from head to toe. Better yet, there’s always the possibility of some poor soul taking a fall head first into a puddle. If you happen to be on the receiving end, probably best to refer to the excuse in the first point and just go home…

3. Get Your Wellies Out!

When the streets are flooded, a pair of trainers just won’t cut it. There’s no option but to whack out the Wellington boots Glastonbury style, because lets face it, you are about to get knee deep…and who doesn’t love that feeling? It’s also compulsory to tweet “get your wellies out”  just to see if it provokes a reaction.

4. Build A Fort


If indoors, there’s always the opportunity to temporarily become a kid again and whack out the invincible fort in the living room. The water levels outside will make you feel like you’re truly protecting your castle, it’s all sorts of fun.

5. Water Sports

***BESTPIX***  Flood Warnings Continue As More Rain Is Forecast Across England

Every year, without fail, the news will capture some stubborn maniacs choosing to fight the storms and travel via canoe by powering through the flooded streets. Priceless.



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