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What Every Woman Thinks Of Girls Who Go Out To Get Free Drinks

There is a ritual that happens in clubs all over the world. Beautiful girls slip into their tightest bodycon dresses and venture out in the hopes of having a free night. They plan on getting white-girl drunk and lavish in the attention of every man who wants them.

Usually they know a friend of a friend who knows the owner or know a promoter and somehow, just as planned they end up on a table with champagne magnums and sparkling Belvedere bottles.

In exchange of course, these attractive girls advertise the club, entice males in and proceed to be lavished with drinks. However, women know what being bought a drink can mean whereas girls aren’t so clued up…

1) ‘You look like a slut’
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From the way girls are dressing with their tits out, legs out, basically vag out; to the way they are behaving, trying to get drinks bought for them, just screams one thing. SL*T.

Women know that making an effort doesn’t mean looking cheap, that that being elegant will do the trick rather than trying too hard.

2) ‘He thinks you are easy’
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Because of the way girls are acting and the amount of skin they have on show, he thinks one double vodka soda is the ticket to get them into bed.

This shouldn’t be the case and women know this. Girls let men decide, women do the decision making.

3) ‘You think the world is free’gif wolf of wall street money fun coupons

Girls are entering their early adult life thinking that men, money and the whole world is at their dispense. Girls have no value of money or know how to genuinely receive a gift.

Women know when a gift is genuine and know how to receive it graciously.

4) ‘You don’t know how to have male friends’gif easy a judging

Girls will never be able to enjoy the company of men as a friend. They will expect all men to be buying them drinks or be secretly lusting after them. Their friends will get fed up of this.

Whereas a women knows the difference between friends and partners.

5) ‘You are not developing your social skills’gif bones social skills

Girls don’t know how to hold a conversation without thinking where their next drink is coming from. They don’t care who they’re flirting with or what they have to say, so long as they get a free vodka coke and save £9.00.

Women know how to be a good conversationalist and are happy to chat without wanting something in return.

6) ‘You have no personality’gif due date personality

Girls don’t know how to express themselves and won’t develop who they are as a person until they stop letting men think they can always be bought.

Women aren’t afraid to use their personality without any hidden agenda.

7) ‘You are not using your autonomy’gif how to train a dragon decisions

Girls don’t know what they want. Their mind is not focussed on a ‘me’ future but a ‘we’ future. Girls will always expect someone to be paying for them and making their decisions.

Women know it is okay to accept a free drink but also know that it is okay to turn it down.

8) ‘You are naïve as to how much this is damaging you’gif real world 

Girls are not aware as to how much this simple act of being bought a drink is damaging them. There will come a time when there are other girls in the club and men will be focussed on them. Your insecurities will be burdening to you.

Women know that sometimes men just aren’t interested in them and it’s not a big deal.

9) ‘You are getting used’ gif 2 broke girls money

Who doesn’t love a night out with their girlfriends? Of course having a guy offer to buy you a drink or two doesn’t mean he is inherently evil and only wants you for sex (although he probably does want to have sex with you at some point).

It’s just that women already know this and therefore can be in control.

10) ‘You are letting them use you’
Morgan Freeman I'm the boss gif

Why are girls letting this happen? Girls can make their own decisions and buy themselves a drink. Doing so is not a downfall or a sign of weakness; it is the complete opposite.

Women know that men will want to buy you drinks because you want them to, not because you expect them to.



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