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excited about out our Essex Pool party?

So who is excited about out our Essex Pool party? In preparation for what is going to be a day to remember we thought we’d let you guys in on just some of the pool party games you’ll find the team playing. If there are any that you think we may have missed out on tweet us @xclusivetouch and let us know.

Left Hand drinking

An easy one for you novices. Everyone drink with their left hand; anyone caught right hand drinking will have to down the drink in their hand! No excuses, no exceptions.

Beer pong
Perhaps the greatest drinking game invented!

10 Red cups per team
Ping Pong balls
Alcohol (preferably beer)

Instructions: Clear the other teams cups by bouncing the ping-pong ball into one of the opponents cups. The winning team is the first to clear the opponent’s cups from the table.

Fill cups with alcohol (3 fingers worth will do) arrange cups into a pyramid determine who goes first rock, paper, scissors?)

Now let the game begin

Player must attempt to get the balls into opponent’s cups, for every ball that lands in the opponent’s cup they have to drink that cup.

Ring of fire

Equipment: ALCOHOL (and lots of it)
Playing Cards

Instructions: Scatter cards in a circle around a cup. Starting with the person to the left of the dealer they will select a card from random and show the rest of the group, that card will determine what happens.

Here are the cards rules:
2: Choose someone to drink 2 fingers worth
3: Drink 3 fingers worth
4: Girls drink
5: Last person to slap the table drinks
6: Guys drink
7: Place your thumb on the table last person to do so drinks
8: I have never – you have to drink if you’ve done the thing the person has never done
9: Rhyme- choose a word everyone takes turns rhyming until someone uses or makes a mistake
10: everyone drinks
J: Make up a rule if someone breaks if they
Q: ask a question any one who laughs or pauses has to drink
K: Pour some of your drink into the middle cup. The person to pick up the last King in the deck has to down the cup in the middle.
A: Everyone drinks but you can only stop when the person on your right stops.

If you have any ideas for a pool party games be sure to tweet us your suggestions at @xclusivetouch or to our “Games Master” @o_abdulle. If your chosen game makes it to our list of pool party games you’ll win a £500 VIP drinks and table package at one of our club nights.

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