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Extravagant Wedding = Early Divorce?

Extravagant Wedding = Early Divorce?

With Kim Kardashian (soon to be Mrs West) gushing about her new engagement, I’m sure everyone anticipating the craziness that will be Kardashian/West wedding. Judging from that iceberg of a ring and that lavish proposal (which included a 50 piece orchestra, playing his ‘knock me down’ and Lana del Ray’s ‘Young and beautiful), their wedding is certainly set to be a grand soiree. Celebrity weddings usually go one of two ways; they’re either a massive affair or very private with the public knowing nothing of the occasion. With these two however it’ll be ridiculously difficult to call, Kim lives her life our on a reality television show and Kanye does his outmost to beat down any pap with a camera in his vicinity! However in celeb land, flashing the cash doesn’t always ensure a good marriage and with some of the most lavish weddings have come some of the shortest marriages. If Mr and Mrs West to be, take a look at some of the following marriages they may just want to rethink any potential super extravagant fantasy wedding plans.

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1) Liza Minnelli & David Gest

Costing a whopping $3.5 Million the couple tied the knot in flamboyant style at New York’s Regent hotel. Of 850 guest that attended, big names included Diana Ross, Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson as best man and Elizabeth Taylor as maid of honour.  With such honoured guests you can be sure that this wedding wasn’t going to be a humble affair. This over the top wedding had Natalie Cole singing ‘ Unforgettable’ as the bride walked down aisle, vintage champagne by the bucketload and a 12 tier wedding cake; but alas all the moula in the world couldn’t make this a successful marriage and after just 16 months the couple parted ways in a very public and very messy manner!.

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3) Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

After meeting in 2005 the megastar that is Tom Cruise married Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes. We know Tom Cruise has a tendency to be over the top and his wedding was no exception; costing an estimated $2 million! The pair wed surround by the gorgeous trappings of a 15th century Italian castle, in a wedding that lasted three days. The ever colourful Mr Cruise serenaded an Armani wearing Holmes, to the Top Gun tune ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’, while their a-list guests got to enjoy the vocals of Andrea Bocelli in not one but two beautiful castles! The two actors did last out for a while after but sadly could not make it work and in 2012 Holmes filed for divorce leaving a seriously ‘blind-sighted’ Tom Cruise in the dust.

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3) Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

Songstress Christina Aguilera married music exec Jordan Bratman in November 2006. Staying at the stylish napa valley resort Auberge du Soleil in a $3,500 a night cottage, the couple celebrated in a winter themed tent decked out in crystals and silver drapery. The bride arrived in a Rolls Royce, Christian Lacroix gown and a stunning diamond rosary; while the guests got to enjoy a 14 piece orchestra and a full choir. Even the groom went all out, donning an impressive Christian Dior tuxedo. However the pair weren’t completely hedonistic, instead of requesting gifts they asked that their guests make donations to the hurricane Katrina foundation. Having a baby and lasting a good five years the couple looked like they could be one of the few successful ones, however after a rough patch and few months apart the two finalised their divorce on 5th of April 2011.

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4)Paul McCartney & Heather Mills.

With possibly the messiest and most public divorce ever, many have forgotten the extravaganza that was the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills wedding of 2002. Like Minelli and Guest the two had a star studded guest list, including McCartney’s bandmate Ringo Starr and music legends Elton John and Eric Clapton. The Indian themed reception took place in a lakeside tent and included authentic indian dancers and a lavish firework show; while the ceremony was held in a gorgeous 17th-century Irish church. Altogether their wedding cost about $3.2 million, but if you thought that was a lot just take a look at Heather’s divorce settlement, which earned her an estimated $48.6 million! The McCartney and Mills divorce was so notorious and public that everyone seemed to have an opinion on it and just goes to show that the best weddings don’t always lead to the best marriages.

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5) Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphreys

I had to put this one on here, Kim Kardashian’s wedding to beau Kris Humphreys was so public and so extravagant that E! entertainment had to do a special on it, deeming it ‘Kim’s Fairytale Wedding’. The four hour special documented the pair’s nuptials, as they chose the 20.5-carat wedding ring and said their loving vows against a stunning coastal sunset. The Bridal party included all of the Kardashian sisters sporting elegant ivory gowns and Kim wearing a total of three different dresses throughout the event. Everything about this wedding exuded money from the wolfgang puck wedding feast to the pashmina embroidered favours. However, Kim’s fairytale was destined not to last and after just 72 days the bride moved to splitsville, leaving a very shocked prince charming. After this Kim was berated by the press for spending so much on her wedding, so lets just hope that the tv star takes note and tones it down with the next one.

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So there you have it celeb weddings so lush that they put the royal wedding to shame but all proving that money is not the best foundation for a good marriage. Perhaps it is the curse of the celebrity couple and the public nature of their marriages, but in any case one may suggest to the newly engaged Kanye to keep the spending to a minimum and he might just beat the curse.



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