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It’s A Facebook Status Not A Diary, Learn The Difference

Lets be very honest here – for most of us at this point, Facebook is simply a virtual birthday/event reminder, photo album and occasional “oh look she’s pregnant again” notifier.

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What it most certainly is not is your personal diary. There’s no nice way of saying this but WE JUST DON’T CARE! We don’t care how amazing last night was (it probably wasn’t), we don’t care how hot your bestie is (she probably isn’t), we don’t care how great life is right now (because trying to tell everyone that it is, is the no.1 sign that it’s not).

It’s 2014 and we still have people on Facebook that insist on informing us of every single, tedious, minuscule detail of their lives.

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What about those messenger apps that let you directly contact your friends, you can even organise yourselves into groups for endless amounts of chit chat and gossip. It’s pretty selfish of you to subject me to updates on what you had for lunch just because we were in the same class in 2005.

It’s almost as if that thing called Twitter hasn’t been invented yet. A site that allows you to get out random bits of nonsense every minute, you can pick and choose who to follow, you can even mute people. It’s perfect.

Facebook, on the other hand, is entirely different and a lot more political. I can’t tell my Aunt Jennifer I removed her as my friend because she posts “Good Morning” and “Good Night” on FB, every single bloody day. It’d get super awkward when I next see her and besides, she puts money in my christmas cards, can’t mess up the cash-flow. So I grin and I bear it all.

We love your babies, we really do. They’re amazing. Just don’t tell us about the time one of them “done a wee-wee all over the kitchen floor”. Sorry!

I’m sure the song lyrics you posted are amazing and soooo deep BUT we can’t hear the actual song. Right now, it means absolutely nothing. Sorry!

You say your boss is a complete dick but I don’t know him like that. He could actually be a really nice chap, I can’t like your status and validate it like that. Sorry!

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The irony is, this all goes against the actual purpose of social media. If anything I’d say this kind of accessibility pushes you further and further away from people. You know when you’re about to call a person you haven’t spoken to in ages, pick up the blower and right before you do, you read that “I hate my life, I hate everyone blah blah blah!!!” status. Yeah, I wouldn’t feel like speaking to someone in that kind of mood either. Now, what was originally meant to be a typical attention seeking post has worked in exactly the opposite manner. Happy now?

There’s no excuse for any twenty-something tech savvy individual subjecting their network to drivel 24 hours a day. There’s better alternatives on offer. It’s either you don’t know or just don’t care about how self absorbed you look. There’s no way I should be able to tell everything you’ve done over the course of a week just from looking at your Facebook page. The danger is if I can, so can your parents, colleagues, friends, ‘friends’ that aren’t really your friends etc. Life tip: Leave a little mystique – sometimes it helps to keep people guessing. The worlds perception of you can work wonders for you even if its a million miles from the actual truth.

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