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The First Kiss Video Was Cool, PlayBoy Girls Parody Is Way Better

Ladies and Gentlemen, the kissing strangers video has taken the internet by storm recently. Parodies have sprung up in every corner of the internet, for the most part they’ve been bloody awful. The original saw 20 super attractive models gathering in the same room before sharing a first kiss.

Well, let me spare you the drudgery of sifting through those other, less ‘playmate’ filled, incarnations. In the video, we see a girls introduce and then get pretty intimate, pretty quick.

A bit of research into this will tell you it Playboy have deemed this a ‘clean cut’. It certainly wouldn’t qualify as being such a thing in your grandparents book as the girls on show get down to their bras and pants quicker than Tomas Rosicky’s goal against Tottenham in the weekend. Playboy playmates do the craziest things.

Well, there will be a cut that needs to be sent off to the dry cleaners released on Playboy TV. I’m sure some of you are already, or have already, scanned the listings for when this will be shown. Answers in the comments section, please.


How believable do you reckon this is? Are these girls genuine strangers? Are their boobs all natural? How many people kissing at any one time in any one place does it take to quantify an orgy? These are some important questions that Playboy have kindly left our imaginations to resolve. My guesses? No, no, and seven. Then again, I haven’t been in many orgies. Again, answers in the comments section if you would be so kind.

I can imagine the inner monologue reading these words has been lost to those reading this over the sound of zippers retracting and blokes making sure their significant others are safely off the premises. I don’t think many people would blame them, either.



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