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First World Problems: 18 Things You Really Need To Stop Moaning About Now

When it comes to moaning about things which, in all honesty do not need to be moaned about, we are champions. Whether I like it or not, my Twitter feed is constantly full of what I can only describe as middle class issues. ‘Middle class’ because if you mentioned them to someone with real problems, they’d probably elbow you in the face.

So when it comes to the very best (or is it worst) of first world problems, for the record, you will not be receiving a favorite, a re-tweet or sympathy from me on any of following:

1. I forgot to Instagram my dinner before I started eating.
lady gaga crying gif sobbing first world probelms

Apparently, modern life dictates that the more likes your dinner gets, the better it tastes.

2. My biscuit fell in my tea
glee santana crying can't believe this is happening gif

In the same league as “my dorito broke in the dip”. Just no.

3. My iPhone keeps auto-correcting what I’m writing
woman crying upset first world problems crying

Please, tell me more about your expensive phone and it’s inability to comply with all your needs.

4. I waited 15 minutes for a bus and then two came at once…
my emotions crying upset male gif

The point is, one came, so stop moaning.

5. I’m going on holiday and I accidentally booked the flight which departs at 6am
Zac efron crying first world problems sobbing gif

Oh how upsetting for you. Sure, you get to spend an extra day on vacation, but the early start makes it almost unthinkable. How will you get over this? Perhaps a nice cocktail upon arrival, followed by a dip in the pool? Why not, you deserve it after everything you’ve been through.

6. I keep being woken up by the cleaner who insists on hoovering outside my door.
Blonde sad crying so upset gif

I got woken up by my dog, struggling to free himself from a mountain of dirty clothes on my bedroom floor. But sure, tell me more about how much the paid help is irritating you.

7. My champagne glasses aren’t dishwasher safe and I have to wash them by hand
Angry Woman Bra Sexy office not ideal gif

You had champagne. The moral of this story? Don’t complain to people that spent the afternoon drinking home brand cider. Wrong crowd my friend… wrong crowd.

8. Forgot I was watching a recording… sat through commercials
Cinema crying eating comfort food first world problems

So that’s 3 minutes of your life wasted by commercials and another two minutes wasted tweeting about it.

9. They spelt my name wrong on my Starbucks cup and now I can’t Instagram it.
glee crying teacher car ginger sobbing first world problems

I feel you my friend. In the next general election I’m voting for whichever candidate feels as strongly as I do about better education for Barista’s. Just the thought of someone making my coffee without being able to properly spell my name, sends shivers down my spine.

10. I asked for diet Coke but they gave me diet Pepsi instead
Mascara running crying woman pepsi coke first world problem upset

Almost as upsetting as the time I asked for Absolut and they gave me Smirnoff. I’m not saying it was a wasted night but it definitely wasn’t the same after that.

11. Twitter was down for 20 minutes. I had something really funny to Tweet but had to wait.
Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory The Horror Upset gif

Terrible. Almost as upsetting as when you can’t fit your witty status into 140 characters and have to share it on Facebook instead.

12. I ate too much and now I can’t breathe or move.
Amanda Seyfried blonde crying sobbing woman emotional gif

Sympathy loading, please hold.

13. I have to pee but my bed is just SO comfy
in bed sad look depressed girl brunette first world problems gif

Well, they did warn us that the minute we reach adulthood the real problems start.

14. I spent £500 on a new wallet and now I don’t have any cash left to put in it.
crying screaming sobbing first world problems middle class issues gif

Please, tell me more about how totally broke you are.

15. Ralph Lauren doesn’t make Super King bed-spreads
Drew Barrymore gif crying emotional blonde

How you will sleep at night I dread to think.

The thought of your skin rubbing against material which didn’t cost the same as a small bungalow is unthinkable.

16. Realising there’s no milk until after I’ve made my tea.
new girl jess Zoey Deschanel crying gif

Realising there’s no milk after you’ve poured your cereal. Realising there’s no milk after you had your heart set on hot chocolate. Yes yes, it’s all genuinely devastating stuff.

17. Had to turn down the brightness on my iPad because it was hurting my eyes
everything getting shitter upset negative women sad first world probelms

I’m sure there’s a lawsuit in there somewhere. Between your iPhone, iPad, laptop & widescreen TV you’re lucky your eyes are even functioning. In all honesty Apple are just lucky you haven’t perused further action.

18. Someone used my mug at work love and other drugs anne hathaway crying it isn't fair gif

Next thing you know, they’ll be washing it and putting it back in the cupboard like nothing ever happened. Bastards.

To all of you, I say…

the worlds smallest violin playing for you gif

…the worlds smallest violin, is playing just for you.

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