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You are fit but you post selfies every second to get attention from the wrong men

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If you’ve found yourself asking yourself where all the good men are then I suggest you brace yourselves; there’s no such thing. I’m also afraid to say that you also have no game! People will only treat you with as much respect as you command from them.

I’ve heard this question asked far, far too often, quite frankly I am tired of it. It’s about time that women lamenting over where all the good guys have gone have their question answered. So that their energies can be focused on asking themselves some very important questions. Should they really be posting that selfie on instagram with half of their (admittedly perfect) bum in the mirror and should they really tweet things like “Wish I had someone to cuddle up to on these cold nights”. You won’t find the love of your life by telling twitter how lonely you are. That tweet is the modern day version of an ad in a lonely-hearts column.

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What was she thinking?!?!?!

Its also well known that cuddling leads to spooning and spooning always leads to forking, so it won’t be long till you have approximately 70% of your male followers hitting up your dms.

It has always baffled me why women seem to think that there’s such a shortage of good guys when the answer to me is so evident.  I’m afraid you’re just not seen as seen as ‘Wifey material’.

There a two reasons why this can happen to woman; either their morals are not in line with what a potential suitor looks for in a partner or as mentioned above they just have no game.

The sad part is whether you lack game or if it is because you have questionable morals (you know who you are) unfortunately you will be thrown in the same boat. You’ll end up going on a series of cheap, unoriginal dates and will swiftly make your way through a succession of guys that are best described by the word dickhead. All is not lost, there is no need to admit defeat, tar all guys with the same brush and take in a legion of cats.

Every time that a new semi naked photo is uploaded to instagram presumably with the hashtags #chilling #nomakeup #movienight guys see this photo and like it. Now for the most part when we double tap on a semi naked photo of a girl on insta it isn’t because we think she’s an amazing person (she may be), it isn’t because we think that she’s funny, interesting, driven and would love for her to meet our mums.  Again she may be all of these things, our mums would probably love her but from when she posted that photo the only thought running through our minds was how to get her into bed. 

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The tweets about being lonely, needing a cuddle buddy or hot water bottles not cutting it (I could go on) are just not a good look! Within seconds of reading those 140 characters most guys are already finalising the logistics of a cunning plan to replace that hot water bottle. Usually the logistical elements include questions like “Which one of my boys is on orange” and “Which nandos is closest to her house”.

It always starts of so well and usually when you would least expect it. You tweet something, it could be anything; from ‘I want a cuddle’ (you will receive no ratings) to ‘coffee, I NEED coffee’.  You will remind the world you’re out there and will receive a response. The only difference is that by telling the world of your loneliness you are likely to receive attention from a guy that you will soon think is a dickhead!

It may so happen that you actually take a liking to one of the guys that responds to your initial tweet. The tweets soon turn to dms, the dms to whatsapp messages, and the whatsapp messages to phone calls. It’s not long before you find yourself waiting to meet Derek outside the station for your first date. It’s a Wednesday night and on meeting him he suggests watching a film then maybe getting something to eat. 4 hours later you cant help but think that it’s gone brilliantly, he’s been the perfect gent; held doors open, asked you questions, listened, he paid for the cinema and practically pushed your purse back into your bag when you offered to pay for dinner.  What a gent, what a stand up guy!

My friend you have been duped!

From the moment you broadcast your loneliness to the world his one goal was to replace the afore mentioned hot water bottle ON A SHORT TERM BASIS!

Lets break it down…you met him on a Wednesday, Wednesdays are Orange. You receive a 2-4-1 offer on cinema tickets and on pizza at pizza express…. You just went to the cinema and ate pizza.

Fast forward 3 months and your dates with Derek have been pretty average (at best). As much as you love peri-peri and chicken a string of trips to Nandos have left you feeling distinctly underwhelmed especially when he makes a habit of only placing precisely £12 (his share) on top of the receipt and promptly finishing off a text to Stacey. You’ve hinted at trying new places but you always seem to find yourself at the same Nandos 20 minutes away from your house. 

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It shouldn’t take you much longer till you realise that it just isn’t going to work; the closest you’ve been to meeting his family was liking a throwback photo of him and his sister, whenever you glance at his phone he has messages from a Stacey or a Laura (does he not have male friends?) and at the mere mention of the word relationship he winces.  What ever happened to the sweet guy who held doors open, paid for everything, avidly took an interest in what you had to say and generally made you feel special? 

A relationship started on 2-4-1 deals is not one that’ll go far. 

You see whilst Derek seemed like a great catch at first, you didn’t really play it right. It was probably all a bit too easy. If it only took him trip to the cinema and a bit of chicken for him to woo you then you’ve really sold yourself short! Why did you even accept to go there in the first place? Even if he upped the anti and took you somewhere amazing, it doesn’t mean that his motives are any different, however it does show that he values your company more.

If you’ve felt that a guy doesn’t value or appreciate you, basically if you’ve felt like side chick then it’s really a lot of your own doing. Had you made him actually work to be blessed with your time and cut ties with him if you had suspicions of him dating someone else then you wouldn’t be reading this on your smart phone on route to pick up some more feline companions. 

It really just boils down to the fact that you should have made Derek work a little harder before you let him take the place of your hot water bottle. Men are huge fans of the chase. The only way you can stop him from attempting to run this race with several women is to make ensure that he thinks you’re the only one worth chasing. Tire him out enough from the chase and if he actually sticks around chances are you’ll make the step up from being a side chick.



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