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Flappy Birds Joins The List Of Crazy Ebay Auctions


Since its launch in 1995, online auctioning and shopping site Ebay has provided an outlet for customers to instantly buy and sell pretty much any product under the sun. The possibilities have proved endless, as it seems people will attempt to offload or obtain all kinds of crap. This past week was a perfect example, following the discontinuation of the popular app Flappy Birds within both Android and IOS stores, Ebay became dominated by people trying to flog Iphone 5s complete with the game installed, for extortionate fees as high as $94,000!

Here are some further examples of crazy Ebay purchases over the years….

Pig Fetus In A Jar. Starting Bid $36.00



You know those days when you just fancy a nice bit of meat for dinner. Well, forget the butchers why not go the whole hog and invest in this mouthwatering snack. 100% preserved and 7 inches long. Lovely.

A Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich

virgin- mary- eating- her -own- grilled- cheese -sandwich

I’m sure we have all encountered a potato that kind of resembles a face at some point, however imagine the sheer delight at discovering a toastie that looks exactly like biblical babe – The virgin Mary. You’d be a fool not to Ebay that shit, this guy certainly did and received an incredible $28,000.

Jesus Toast


Somewhat predictably, the success of the Mary sarnie prompted the addition of Jesus Toast. It’s a well known rumour that Christ is everywhere and it now seems you cannot even enjoy a sandwich without this bearded beauty glaring back at you. Jesus toast was such a hit that a personalised toaster range was even launched.

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls


Surprisingly a big seller on Ebay, with a high demand. So next time you finish off the loo paper just have a little think to yourself, there’s a load of strange/desperate people (probably in America) who would happily pay money for that cardboard cylinder right now.

Unicorn Meat


Just enjoyed a Pig Fetus in Jesus toast and feeling peckish again? Fear not, there’s always a juicy can of Unicorn meat to tickle the tastebuds. Try not to be too disappointed when upon opening you realise the contents are actually just a dismantled, stuffed, unicorn toy.

Ghost In A Jar


Do you believe in ghosts? Well this seller certainly did, after finding the jar in an abandoned cemetery, he offloaded it for a cool $55,000 in order for the spirit to stop haunting him. Good piece of business all in all.

Man’s Life


If life becomes too much, don’t consider suicide, a much more pleasant alternative is to sell your life on Ebay. In 2008, after his wife left him, Englishman Ian Usher became an internet sensation as he auctioned his entire life online, parting ways with his car, house, job and even introducing bidders to his friends. After pocketing £192,000 Ian embarked on travelling around the world to start a new life and completing a global bucket list. Well played sir. 






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