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Is the friend zone only for ugly people

Let’s ask ourselves seriously for a second: have you ever had a monumental crush on someone only to have that person turn around and say ‘let’s just be friends?’ or ‘you’re like a sister to me’.

Or on the other side of things, do you have a BFFL of the opposite sex but also have a sneaking suspicion they keep a photo of you under their pillow?

It’s an age-old question; is it possible for men and women to just be friends without wanting to dive head first into each other’s pants? Some think yes, some think no, and personally I think it’s a tricky one!

Let’s break it down.

YES: Believe it or not, sometimes it’s possible to look at the opposite sex and think ‘Yes, you’re attractive, but I don’t particularly want to go out with you’. Shocking, right? Even when they have rippling abs, play the guitar à la Hendrix and have a passion for saving baby kittens from trees, it is still possible to be just friends.

Is the friend zone only for ugly people

There are three conditions under which you will never want to cross the friend line. 1. You just don’t want anything serions with anyone 2. Your heart lies elsewhere 3. Your friend of the opposite sex is ugly.

Under these conditions, even if Ryan Gosling walking past with no clothes on won’t have an effect on you.

Hang on, did I just friend-zone Ryan Gosling? Have I lost my marbles?

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Having little or no sexual tension between the two of you is often the grounds for a good friendship, even if you started out liking each other but knowing mutually that the final destination is not his/her bed, you’ll make good friends.

The key to making a friendship last is no expectations. Yes, they’re attractive but you’re not expecting anything to happen. Yes, you may have snuck a wee glance at them and the odd occasion and thought ‘hmm, not bad!’ but once again, you’re not secretly hopeful that you’ll get it on at the party this weekend.


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On the opposite end of the spectrum there are those who can’t keep in their pants. Those who can’t look at a member of the opposite sex without thinking ‘Sigh… we should kiss now’ (cue American Beauty style fantasy montage).

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Call them romantics, call them horny or maybe just call them honest.

As humans, we are biologically programmed to want to breed with the healthiest and the fittest (or those simply within your league) so our inability to keep it in our pants, really is just chemistry.

When a man sees a girl with curvy child bearing hips you’re automatically going to get turned on (no wonder Kanye couldn’t keep his hands off Kim). And vice versa, when you see a handsome man with broad shoulders you might think “yes I could wrap my legs around that” but your subconscious is thinking ‘let’s mate and have beautiful attractive kids’. It’s simply science.

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So in summary, if you’re friend happens to be an attractive girl or a handsome bloke, you’re going to be slightly at war with yourself because sometimes, it’s hard to block out those naughty naughy thoughts.

The theory is that having attraction between two friends’ makes it impossible to keep it strictly asexual.

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So there you have both sides of the argument. Being friends with the opposite sex is possible, as long as you don’t fancy each other. Some may agree and some may disagree but what do you think? 

Of course this is the sober side of the argument; add a few tequilas to the equation on a Saturday night and all bets are probably off.



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