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modern man chivalry dead smoking woman

Is There Such A Thing As A Gentleman Anymore? The 7 Things We Wished Modern Men Still Did

modern man chivalry dead smoking woman

Ladies, do you ever feel like you’ve missed out by being born in this generation?  Society has moved on leaps and bounds over the past 50 years. It’s just a shame that with this, we seem to have lost the good old fashioned gents of yesteryear.

If only todays men were as chivalrous as their counter parts half a century ago. There are countless things we wish men would do and and even more things that we wish they didn’t, but here’s just 7.

1.  Holding The Odd Door Open

chivalry holding door open

If us women were following a man who rather than passing over a threshold first instead held the door open for us to walk through, we would have absolutely no idea what was going on.  We would be confused as to why no one was going in the room, terrified perhaps of what may lie ahead.  The thought that they may be putting us first would in no way enter our minds.

2. Perhaps Offer Us A Seat From Time To Time

mistake pregnant woman seat sit down offer man wrong fat

Standing up so that a lady can take a man’s seat is not something that happens in this day and age. On the rare occasion that this should occur, any woman would think she had been mistaken as preggers.  Even the skinniest wafer of a lady would think this to be the reason, it just would not be comprehendible that a display of general manly manners had taken place.

3.  Say “Excuse Me Miss” Instead Of Yelling “Oi My Size”


Since when was a wolf whistle or shouting “Oi my size” a successful way to obtain the attention of a woman?  Or a growl? A growl…A growl. Really?? Women don’t respond to this, what possible satisfaction does it bring a man to approach a girl in this way?  I just don’t get it.

4.  Signs Of Affection

man kiss woman hand black white romantic

Once upon a time, a man would kiss a woman on the back of their hand.  Now, he goes straight in for the kill, a good old bum slap, or a grab if he’s really going for it.  What he’s not to realise is that the hand kissing man will soon get the bum, and a hell of a lot more to go with it.  Patience, dear 21st century men, you will be rewarded.

5.  A little R.E.S.P.E.C.T

new girl pink wine gif

Respect blud. No not that kind, I’m definitely not that much of idiot to say things like that. I mean respect for a woman’s body…  Women used to be respected for covering up and now we’re all roaming around with bits popping out all over the place, and why?  Because men have pressured us to.  Meet any pack of males on a night out and they’ll flock to the most scantily clad girls in the place.

Men want to feel like a rapper with their hot hoebags grinding all over them.  What’s wrong with waiting to find out what’s underneath her clothes for yourself and only you?  Even if a man thinks this, we know they’re instantly attracted to a mini skirt over an a-line.  Oh yeah, that beautiful a-line beast, let’s bring that back in.

6. Just Carry Shit

chivalry man carrying bags modern

Struggling with heavy bags up a staircase, especially in London, is the best place to watch the modern man fail.

In the end someone MAY help, but ONLY when you’re halfway up the stairs!

My Grandma would always reassure me coming back from her house with a suitcase that some nice young chap would help me with it.  Sadly, I have to remind her that I’m going back to my house, not going back in time.

7. Gifts Are Always Nice

sperm flowers gentleman manners

Any other girl feel like they only get gifts if something’s up? Hearing the words, ‘I’ve bought you something’, is an instant catalyst for suspicion. Until you see it’s a condom and everything goes back to normal.  Courting now has transformed into being treated to a kebab (with a can of coke if you’re lucky) after meeting in a club, effort is put in when something is wanted in return.  Rather ashamedly, that kebab usually does the trick.

One thing is for sure, if you were ever to tell one of these men about themselves they will immediately say it’s our own fault for fighting for women’s rights.  Yes ladies, we have to live with the sad realisation that chivalry is dead because women burned their bras.  Whatever.



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