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How & Where NOT to get tattoos modeled by Harry Styles..

In fact, we were so intrigued that we decided to decode the meaning behind Mr Styles’ awful tattoos. 

Each piece of ‘art’ has been numbered and explanations for each are in the box below.


  1. ‘Things I can’t’ appears on right arm. See 5
  2. The words ‘Might as well…’
  3. ‘I can’t change’
  4. A padlock, key and Shammrock
  5. ‘Things I can’ appears on the left arm. See 1
  6. The letter ‘A’ for his mum Anne
  7. HMS Victory
  8. A coat hanger
  9. Big black heart
  10. Double crucifix with letters ‘M’ and ‘K’ underneath
  11. ‘Can I Cry?’
  12. Around the globe with a collection of cities including New York, Los Angeles and London where One Direction have performed
  13. 17BLACK – James Bond’s lucky casino reference
  14. His sister Gemma’s name in Hebrew
  15. The double chest swallow
  16. Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side Of The Moon symbol
  17. A Bird cage
  18. Please help us. We don’t know what it says!
  19. An iced gem
  20. Big black star – the first tattoo of many
  21. ‘Won’t stop till we surrender’
  22. SMCL – smile more, cry later apparently
  23. ‘Hi’
  24. Theatre masks showing comedy and tragedy



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