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Getting hot and sweaty

Exercise can be a chore for a lot of people, the gym isn’t appealing and seeing those crazy people out in the park being yelled at by a military official makes you feel sick even without participating.  Rumour has it that these outdoor fitness classes can take place as early as 6am, and rather than making you realise this means it is possible to fit it into your hectic schedule, it simply confirms your suspicions that these people really are an alien species and therefore all exercise is terrible for the human race.

One of the main deterrents of exercising is the busy life lead by the typical Londoner, in a city that appears to be constantly on fast forward we are in a permanent state of exhaustion and it becomes a mental struggle to get to the gym.  But fear not!  Exercise can be fun! No I am not lying.  Here are a few ways you’ll be sure to work up a sweat without even realising.



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You don’t have to be the next Darcey Bussell or budding member of Diversity to try your hand at throwing some shapes and getting a great workout at the same time.  There are of course regular classes on offer all over London for ballet, hip hop, jazz and many more, but if you fancy something a bit more relaxed there are some fantastic places where co-ordination is in no way a requirement.

Try a morning rave and not one that’s been going on for the whole night before.  This is a totally sober, pre-office rave where everyone is free to go mad on the dance floor and burn as many calories as is possible with no judgement whatsoever.  No choreography, no teacher, just you and the music…aaaand a lot of other people going wild around you of course but this should only act as inspiration.  Feel the energy and dance!  If a more organised rave is your thing, try ravercise an aerobic hour led by dancers on a club dance floor; the only part where you have to dance without instruction is at the end when the DJ cranks up the final mix for the class to indulge in a major skank-out.  Awesome.

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And for something totally random, why not see if you can dance like MJ Yes this actually exists, Michael Jackson style dance classes run weekly and are for all levels.

Have sex

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Now, unfortunately sex does not burn as many calories as rumour suggests, however, dependant on positioning, sex burns at least 85 calories in a half hour session (according to WebMD ).  And that adds up!  Here are the hard facts, straight up.  Certain positions can tone focused muscle groups:

  1. Missionary: On top – naturally good for the core and glutes, the more intense the action the better.  Underneath – do not be passive, return the thrust in an equal and opposite fashion to work the core and glutes too, and be careful not to rely on the lower back as this does not use the correct muscles and (no word of a lie) can cause injury!  Now that could be an embarrassing sick call to the boss…
  2. Standing: this is strengthening for the man if having to lift his partner, and works the arm muscles for the woman; core stability is necessary for the woman if balancing on one leg.  This one is great for stamina.
  3. Cow girl: Same as the missionary, but the girl can also move into a squat position, thereby using her buttocks, legs and hips.
  4. Bridge/Arch: It takes a lot of strength for whichever partner is in this position to hold a bridge during sex and this is excellent for endurance and flexibility too.  To put less strain on the neck, the arms can be rested so that just the hips are raised, forcing the glutes to contract.

Other ways to work up a sweat at home

If you find it hard to go out to a class or to the gym in your busy lifestyle, there are fun ways to exercise at home.

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Invest in a hula hoop.  Swinging around in your living room is proven to shave inches off the waist and tone the torso; you can even buy a weighted hoop for a greater challenge.  Build up the length of time you can keep the hoop going for each session and once you’re comfortable with the basic hoop action, try adding in some arm movements (such as punching and waving) to work the body harder.

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A skipping rope is another brilliant purchase, everyone loves a bit of a skip!  Jump as fast as you can and change to hopping to increase the intensity on each leg.  And finally, if you have the space, get a trampoline!  Jumping is tiring but brilliant fun and works every muscle, organ and tissue in the body.  Don’t believe it?  Ask NASA – they found rebound exercise to be more effective than using a treadmill.  It is particularly beneficial for anyone that has a condition affecting exercise, as less strain is placed on the body whilst still exerting the necessary resistance for increasing strength; indeed, it is a pleasurable way to exercise without causing injury in the first place.

So get sweaty and enjoy yourself!  If any more incentive is needed – studies show that keeping fit and healthy increases sex drive and greater satisfaction in the bedroom…  And endorphins, the happy hormones, are released during exercise, and who doesn’t want to be happy?!




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