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Ghetto Translations: This Is How Stupid You Actually Sound

As far as I’m concerned ‘hood’ is something you wear when it rains and ‘street’ is something you live on. Your slanguage does not impress me, though I’ll be honest with you, that’s mostly because I can’t understand it.

Let me break it down for you, if you want to meet a nice girl either learn to talk like a gentleman or shut your trap. The End.

What You Say: Wargwarn G
What It Means: What Are You Up To Gangster”

Nicole Scherzinger hot xfactor no baby no gif

Maybe he hasn’t seen me *backs away slowly*

I’m sorry but you’re going to need to take your made up language elsewhere, most women can barely decipher what men mean at the best of times, let alone when half the words are made up.

What You Say: Send Me Some P
What It Means: Could You Give Me Some Money

Money Can't Buy Class Street Talk Ghetto GIF

It depends, will the money be going towards your much needed education?

What You Say: Bare Gash In Here
What It Means: There Seem To Be A Lot Of Ladies Here

Amanda Bynes What A Girl Wants Kill Me Funny GIF

If I could breathe I would vomit. The fact your relationship status on “Facebook” is a genuine mystery to all woman kind.

What You Say: Oi Fam She’s A Hot Spice
What It Means: My Good Friend, Isn’t She Wondrous Looking
Emily Devil Wears Prada Thin Gif Thank You

I just checked urban dictionary and discovered that was a compliment. Thanks. I guess.

What You Say: U Dun No
What It Means: Yes, I Think So Too
I don't get it ghetto street talk confusing gif

No… I really dun no…what the hell you’re on about.

What You Say: Dese Hoes Ain’t Loyal
What It Means: I’m Not Sure If These Young Ladies Can Be Trusted
Bros Before Hos Betty White Funny GIF

I’m assuming this is not to be confused with a hoe of the garden variety. In which case the only thing I can say is… Hoes rarely are my friend… hoes rarely are (loyal that is).

What You Say: Is This Yo Thot?
What It Means: Is This Young Lady With You?
Excuse me Ghetto Funny GIF

According to Urban Dictionary: A Thot stands for That Hoe Over There
Plural: Thotties
Now how do you say “not impressed” in street talk?

What You Say: Where Yo Man At
What It Means: Are You In A Relationship…
Question Dev Don't Understand Won't Answer GIF

…And If So Why Is This Young Gentleman Not Accompanying Your Tonight?

What You Say: Goin H.A.M
What You Means: I Shall Really Exert Myself

Why don’t you go H.A.M on mastering the English language instead? Ahh how I miss the day when ham was just a cold meat selection.

What You Say: Are You From Endz
What It Means: So, Where Is It That You Reside?I don't understand it ghetto street talk blonde gif

And here’s me thinking “Endz” was short for “Eastenders”. This ones kind of a relief, for years now I’ve thought people were getting me confused with Sonia Fowler.

What You Say: Yo Yo Yo
What It Means: Why Hello.
nicki minaj get out funny gif angry blonde bye

Why goodbye.



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