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Girls to split after last show

The girls have a sold-out arena tour which will now become their big farewell — with all five members unanimous about burying the group for good.

A source last night said: “The girls have known all along that this would be the last time they would all work together.

“They all felt it wasn’t right for them to be singing songs like Love Machine and performing the same way when they’re in their thirties.

“They all want to make this a way to bow out on a high and walk away for the next chapter in their lives without constant questions about when they will be getting back together.”

It’s all very well saying that with a few quid in the bank in your late twenties. But give it ten years, when Sarah has blown the lot and Nadine misses the fame too much, and things will look very different.

I hear the girls have made plans to announce a few more dates once the news breaks about the split, in expectation of a rush from fans keen to enjoy their last pop high. They are insisting privately this will definitely be the last time all five members will be on stage singing their hits together under one roof — so it sounds like they really mean it is over.



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