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Why do Girls in clubs love to wear fake Loubs?

Owning a pair Christian Louboutin’s beautiful high heels holds with it a certain amount of prestige. A lot of girls want to own these, but find the cost of over £700 a pair seems to me a rather extortionate amount of money to burn. However buying a cheap replica is a no-no.

Here’s a couple of reasons why girls wear fake ‘Loubs’

1. The Perfect Shoe: (even Cinderella thinks so)


Us girls have spent our childhood watching Disney films such as ‘Cinderella,’ dreaming of growing up and finding our Prince Charming. How does Cinderella find her Prince? If the shoe fits! We have now grown up with this preconceived idea that the ownership of the perfect shoe gains admiration from others.

What a lot of them don’t realise is that any man who dates you because you are wearing seemingly expensive shoes is a man you should avoid like the plague. Wearing cheap market versions of these designer shoes is an attempt to be someone they are not.

Girls, everyone likes to dress up…but don’t you think you’re taking things a little too far? Be yourself, the important thing to take away from this is to be comfortable being you.

2. Impressing the girls:


There is also a lot of pressure on girls to look exceptionally good on a night out. Majority of this pressure is actually generated by the same sex. By wearing fake Loubs they gain a confidence boost due to other girls noticing those royalty-worthy red soles. The more compliments you receive from other girls, the better you feel. This false persona may fool some girls but you are not fooling yourself. There is a lot of competition out there – who looks like a model? Who has spent the most on their outfit? Who’s make up is flawless?

I guarantee you, it does not matter how much you have spent on an outfit – the price tag shouldn’t be priority. Stop buckling under peer pressure by trying to keep up with in-affordable trends, take yourself to the high street or vintage shop and bag a few good quality bargains!

3. I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger:


ATTENTION TO ALL GOLD DIGGERS! Buy yourself a pair of fake designer heels and you will bag yourself a man with celeb status and more importantly…money!

Now these kind of girls are a whole new league; trying to fit into a society that is out of their reach. They intend to make it big, but instead of it being through their own hard work, they just want a man with money to use as a claim to fame. By acting like you are one of them – dressing like them and attending the same bars, these girls flock around money like a fly around…well you know the rest.

4. Kim Kardashian:


For some reason, a lot of girls adore and aspire to be like Kim Kardashian…or one of the other ones. She is constantly being papped wearing Christian Louboutin shoes which means she must have a whole wardrobe just full to the brim with them. Girls who look up to Kim and who admire her fashion sense know that she is a big fan of these heels. It’s almost as if girls buy the fake versions in order to have something in common with her.

5. The same as the real deal?


Can the real Loub please stand up?
You are not fooling everyone, especially if you have purchased these god awful fakes from a market stall! Just don’t do it! There is a reason they are so unbelievably cheap; a child in a sweatshop has made these shoes for under a penny a piece with cheap materials, is it really worth it?

The shoes have been produced very quickly and cheaply in order for the owner to make as much money as possible. Therefore, most girls can see through your act – your shoe doesn’t fit you like a £700 shoe would and you’re most likely going to be limping home in broken heels at the end of the night.

I think the moral of the story is; if you can afford them, go for it! If not, it’s not that big of a deal, accept it.

By Lisa Donohue @Lisd93



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