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Could You Give Sex Up For Lent? 11 Ridiculous Things People Have Given Up For Lent

Lent has descended upon us and Twitter has felt its wrath.  Whether you’re Christian or not, everyone loves an excuse for a good stack of pancakes, but do you continue the involvement through lent?

It is the time of year when people torture themselves with chocolate deficiency and having to cope with wine withdrawal symptoms. Easter seems to be light years away, you feel as though Bernard has clicked his watch while you witness mankind gorge themselves on cakes and drown in coffee around you, every glimpse of an Easter bunny at a shop window fills you with rage; never before has a rabbit bubbled such a force inside you (unless it’s of the rampant kind).

Some people have truly odd ideas about lent and have kindly tweeted them for us…

1. New Years Resolutions Are For January

Bravo.  Having failed at New Year’s Resolutions, good karma can be restored by succeeding at lent.

2.  Giving Up Sex.

  Makes you wonder though…does he get any anyway???

He should speak to those two girls, they clearly have the taste for it.

3.  Public Displays Of Anger.


4.  I Have No Idea What This Person Has Given Up, But It Sounds Intense.

Then again, she may have taken something on for lent, S&M.  Just like those #40acts of kindness people, but more #40acts of unkindness.

5.  No Cutlery.

Interesting.  I’m all up for attempting the chopsticks for Asian food, but there are other things to consider…  She’d have to purchase one of those Teletubby bowls for cereal where you can slurp up the milk through the built in straw (everyone remembers tubby tustard right?) What about steak?  Stab it and eat it like a lollipop?  Actually, the more I write, the more brilliantly fun this sounds!

6.  Standing…

What I would like to know is, what is non-vertical standing?  Bending over?  Falling over?  Just sounds like an excuse to sneak a peek at girls arses and pass out drunk.  #Livingfortheweekend. 

7.  Selfies!!

Yes Laila, I commend you!  The selfie has infected social media with almost the same level of annoyance as pictures of people’s babies.  I am also curious to know why Suzanne has given up Richmond??…

7.  This Guy Has The Right Idea.

8.  There Is So Much Wrong With This tweet.

It’s like, 40 days he like, spent in the like, desert.  So yeah like, giving up paninis is going to be like totally like what he went through.  That canteen is like, going to be like, the Devil tempting me.

9.  Pitbull & Ke$ha


The thing is, I reckon we all tried to give up listening to Ke$ha a long while ago, but try as we might, we just cannot help ourselves singing and bopping along to her tunes. Damn their catchiness!
10.  Legal Highs.

So illegal ones are fine, nicely done Emily Goulding, you have a found a loophole that the rest of us could only dream of.

11.  Twitter, Yeah Right.

Good luck in your lent endeavours boys and girls, and make sure to over indulge in your abstained guilty pleasure on Easter Sunday…



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