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Are you a GTA WIDOW?

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Are you a GTA WIDOW?

If you are a male reading this or know of any males then you will understand exactly what
I mean when I talk about guys and the fascination of Grand Theft Auto. Ever since its
release there have been periods where my other half has dipped off the radar. And this is
down to GTA V. A colleague of mine mentioned her boyfriend stayed up playing GTA
until the morning, finally went to sleep and ended up missing his lecture -_-

So what is the fascination behind this game? It’s a simulation game so you can
customize your character and basically go around jacking cars and robbing people to
accumulate money to buy mansions and fancy cars. I like to think of it as a criminal The
Sims. It seems to me the appeal behind GTA, being like any other game is that it offers
the player a chance to live vicariously through game playing.

Being a female I am constantly in two minds about the decision I made buying my
boyfriend a copy of GTA V. The game has become one of his other side chicks the first
being his iPad, it literally has its own space in bed -_- So now if I’m not in his face for
attention, football isn’t on or he isn’t making music he is now playing Grand Theft Auto.

Lets look at loosing our boyfriends to a games consoles & its positives and

+ You know where he is, at home absorbed in completing missions
+ If they’re doing it online at least they’re not out doing it in real life
+ Not exactly an inviting environment for girls 🙂
+ If your boyfriend is aways at his boy’s house now he can stay at home and play them online as the new GTA 5 is interactive so he can play against or with his friends

+ I hope that it is obvious to gamers that the methods they use in order to progress in
the game, translated into real life situations are far from acceptable. So instead of
looking at it negatively which is easy to do. We should appreciate that in its own way it
teaches players that killing hill billies to complete your mission is not something you
should be doing in real life. So basically it keeps your man from going to prison as he’s
busy not getting caught in the game
+ The best thing is that he can save bags of money because he wont be leaving the
house as he will be busy stacking p’s on the game! Which means he can buy you nice
gifts to make up for his absence!

– The most obvious downside to him being in possession of this game is that you have
now become a widow
– If you are lucky enough to manage to drag him away from the game he will have
attitude about what you are doing whilst you have pulled him away from his beloved so
be prepared for constant nagging and rushing
– You have basically become invisible unless you pull out something impressive

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– No more cute texts, you have been rationed down to a one line response every 4-8 
hours that he is awake.

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– Any concept of time keeping has been lost
– He will turn into an un groomed caveman as the game addiction will have him locked
up inside for days with no sunlight. The game should come with a disclaimer stating:
relationships (especially with females) can be damaged due to active game playing

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– Should he stumble upon a real girl online, he has now been introduced to a girl who
also enjoys playing games. Ugh.

Ok, so after I handed over to my boo his very own copy of GTA5 I’m left questioning
whether I made the right decision after having left him I never heard from him till bed time
where he managed to reply with a lame “Gta. Sorry”. Of course I wanted to blow up but as
he pointed out I only had myself to blame. Truth be told I should be grateful because in
hindsight my problem isn’t really a problem at all. Other females have to deal with bigger
problems like real life cheating partners (check last week’s post)and the only problem I
have to deal with is that mine has just kicked up a relationship with a game.

By Annie Ploy 



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