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Brilliant Video Of What Valentines Day Would Be Like If Guys & Girls Changed Roles

Traditionally speaking, Valentine’s Day in London and the world over is the day that men (not always willingly) declare their love and affection to women. Splashing the cash buying their girlfriends/wives lavish romantic gifts. Some men, so moved by the occasion may even find it within themselves to stoop to one knee and propose, hopefully with a huge diamond ring. With this in mind, the video below is a brilliant take on how Valentine’s Day would be different if men and women changed roles.

There are plenty of ‘ahhh that’s so true’ moments in the video, I guess what really makes it funny is how honest it is. We all know (have dated) a guy that forgot it was Valentines Day or have friends that use the noble Saint Valentine as an excuse to go out and prey on single women.

Of course being a woman means that for us Valentine’s Day is just as important as a birthday or even Christmas. Imagine not having anyone to get drunk with on your birthday! Or perhaps waking up on Christmas day with not a single present under the tree. It’d be pretty awful right?

You see being single or without a date on Valentine’s Day leaves you with two options; either recruit a friend and paint the town red or sit at home with a bottle with of red and a box of kleenex.

Unfortunately with you being addicted to social media it means that a night in spent re-watching the first season of Breaking Bad will be ruined by the hundreds of 140 character declarations of love on your timeline.

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Closing your Twitter app probably won’t solve the issue either. As soon as you’ve promised yourself to not open your Twitter app again you click on Instagram. Great! Now you’re just scrolling through photos of your friends and their romantic dinners, there’s even photo of a hand wearing a ring with the hashtag #isaidYES…where are those kleenex?

Opting for a night out may just save you from the hours spent feeling sorry for yourself and eating your weight in overpriced chocolate. Heading out is probably the best way to keep the manically depressed version of yourself at bay.

Now if only you knew where to go…



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